What is the process after IPL teams qualify for playoffs?

Youths get a new opportunity in IPL. So they prove themselves. Not only the youth or the players who don’t get many opportunities, they also play well.

A player who shines in IPL immediately gets noticed because, he is playing well in IPL. Whether he is a player from any country England, Australia, West Indies, South Africa or India, the selectors immediately notice that this player is performing well. You can play in your team.

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Every player wants to play IPL and prove himself. So you have seen how important IPL is now let’s see how the play offs go and which team will play which team after qualifying.

Each team plays 14 matches. And there are four places to qualify.. Each team plays these 2-2 matches against their opponents… some matches are at their own ground and some are at the opponent’s ground… and also their run rate. It has to be kept properly because sometimes the run rate is also looked at for qualification…

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After playing each team needs 16 points to qualify and not just 16 points. If the top two teams qualify with less points, they can also qualify on 14 points.

Teams who are ranked first and second will get one more chance to play i.e. the first team will play a match with the second team in Qualifier One and whichever team loses in that Qualifier One will play against the teams who came in Eliminator. And the third and fourth ranked teams will play against each other to advance to Qualifier Two and the winner of the Eliminator will advance to Qualified Two. And then there was a final match between them….

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