What is FIFA?

FIFA is the largest international governing body and confederation of the game of football.

The FIFA World Cup began in 1930. FIFA, the world football governing body, decided to organize an international men’s football tournament under FIFA President Jules Rimet who made the idea a reality. Because of this, fifa has created a lot of publicity. It has got many big players.

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Full form of FIFA

Federation international de football association.

What is FIFA World Cup?

FIFA World Cup is a football tournament which is known as the biggest and most prestigious tournament in the world. It pits each country’s team against each other and this competition is held once every four years. Teams from different countries participate in the competition and the host country automatically qualifies and is selected by the FIFA Council.

So far you have seen what is Fifa and what is Fifa world cup so let’s see what is the work of Fifa. FIFA organizes and manages all international level competitions in football.

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