What caused Google to erase page results?

Google decided to enhance the user experience by removing page results from its search engine. Users had to click on each page in the previous method of page results to view additional results. This could take a while and be annoying, particularly if the user is unsure of which pages are pertinent to their search.

An individual would receive a list of 10 items on the first page if they searched for the phrase “lawyer,” for instance. The “Next” button must be clicked to display the next 10 results if the user wants to see additional results. If the user was unsure about which sites were pertinent to their search, this could be a problem. Before they discovered a page that was useful, they might have to click on a few pages.

Why Google developed a capability for continuous loading?

Why Google developed a capability for continuous loading?

To fix issues with the previous page results system, Google incorporated the continuous loading function to its search engine. Users can view more results thanks to the functionality of continuous loading without clicking on each page individually. Users will find it simpler to search for the information they need and to swiftly review the results for pertinent data as a consequence.

For instance, if a user types in “lawyer,” a list of results will continue load as the user scrolls down the page. This indicates that the user doesn’t need to click on any buttons to view all of the results. This makes it simple for the user to locate the data they need and to rapidly review the results for pertinent data.

Advantages of continuous loading

Users can gain from the continual loading capability in a number of ways, including:

  • Saves time: Users don’t have to go through each page of results to view more. When a user is unsure about which sites are pertinent to their search, this can save them a ton of time.
  • Results may be swiftly scanned for pertinent information without having to click on each page, making it quicker for users to scan the results. If there are many results or the user is looking for something specific, this may be useful.
  • Gives a more realistic experience Users can view more results thanks to the functionality of continuous loading without switching to another page. As a result, consumers may have a more immersive experience and find it simpler to maintain their search-related focus.
  • The continuous loading function is generally a good addition to Google’s search engine. It delivers a more immersive experience, saves time, and makes it simpler to scan findings.

About Google

FoundedSeptember 4, 1998
FoundersLarry Page and Sergey Brin
HeadquartersMountain View, California, United States
CEOSundar Pichai
Products and servicesGoogle Search, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Chrome, Google Pixel, Google Nest, Google Cloud Platform
Revenue257 billion USD (2022)
Net income76 billion USD (2022)
Employees163,906 (2022)

Google Net Worth

YearNet Worth (USD)Net Worth (INR)
2010230 billion2.0 lakh crore
2011170 billion1.3 lakh crore
2012220 billion1.8 lakh crore
2013290 billion2.4 lakh crore
2014350 billion3.0 lakh crore
2015440 billion3.8 lakh crore
2016550 billion4.7 lakh crore
2017650 billion5.7 lakh crore
2018750 billion6.7 lakh crore
2019900 billion8.0 lakh crore
20201.1 trillion9.5 lakh crore
20211.5 trillion13.0 lakh crore
20221.9 trillion15.0 lakh crore

As you can see, Google’s net worth in INR has been increasing at a much faster rate than its net worth in USD. This is due to the depreciation of the INR against the USD over the past decade. In 2010, 1 USD was worth approximately 45 INR. In 2022, 1 USD is worth approximately 75 INR. This means that Google’s net worth in INR has grown by a factor of 1.65 over the past decade, while its net worth in USD has only grown by a factor of 8.3.

Despite the depreciation of the INR, Google’s net worth in INR is still very large. In 2022, Google’s net worth in INR was 15 lakh crore, which is equivalent to 1.9 trillion USD. This makes Google the most valuable company in India.

Updates with Google Algorithm

Update NameDate AnnouncedDate StartedDate CompletedDurationImpact
PandaFebruary 24, 2011March 23, 2011April 6, 201114 daysSignificant
PenguinApril 24, 2012May 22, 2012June 20, 201229 daysSignificant
Penguin 2.0October 20, 2012November 19, 2012December 19, 201231 daysSignificant
HummingbirdSeptember 25, 2013October 24, 2013November 23, 201330 daysSignificant
PigeonJuly 24, 2014August 23, 2014September 22, 201430 daysSignificant
MobilegeddonApril 21, 2015May 20, 2015June 19, 201531 daysSignificant
RankBrainOctober 26, 2015November 25, 2015December 24, 201530 daysSignificant
FredMarch 8, 2017April 7, 2017May 6, 201731 daysSignificant
MedicOctober 19, 2018November 18, 2018December 17, 201830 daysSignificant
Core Web VitalsMay 20, 2021June 19, 2021July 18, 202131 daysSignificant
Page Experience Update for DesktopFebruary 22, 2022March 3, 2022N/AN/ASignificant
April 2023 Reviews UpdateApril 12, 2023April 25, 2023N/AN/ASignificant

Google algorithm updates per year

YearNumber of Updates

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