US Secretary General meets India’s National Security Advisor on June 5th, to strengthen Major Defence Partnership

US Secretary of Defence met India’s National Security Advisor on the 5th of June, 2023. He stated that US is looking to strengthen the Major Defence partnership with India and conducted discussions with the NSA regarding methods to do the same.

US Secretary General of Defence, Austin Lloyd, meets India’s National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval, on June 5, 2023. Credit:News18

US Secretary of Defence meets India’s NSA

Lloyd Austin, the Secretary of Defence of USA, met the National Security Advisor (NSA) of India, Ajit Doval, on 5th June, 2023, to discuss deepening the Major Defence partnership between USA and India. Lloyd stated the vision of a free Indo- Pacific region, which is shared by the two nations, as the reason behind this wish to strengthen the partnership.

USA’s Secretary of Defence departed from the nation last week to see through his 7th official visit to the Indo-Pacific region. Lloyd Austin travelled started his visit from Tokyo, Japan, went on to Singapore, and arrived in India on Sunday. The Secretary General plans on visiting the country of France after India.

Purpose of Visit

The purpose of this visit from the US Secretary of Defence is to have discussions between the two countries in regards with modernizing the Major Defence partnership between them.

The United States acknowledged India as a Major Defence Partner in 2016. The designation of India as a major defence partner signified that the country would be treated on equal terms with the closest allies of the United States in regards with transfer of technology and trading in the area of defence.

This enabled the USA to export advanced military technology and hardware to India without any barriers. This also gave India the advantage of having access to almost all the defence technologies available to the USA.

In 2018, India’s status was upgraded to tier 1 under the Strategic Trade Authorization. This advancement granted India the privilege of accessing various military and dual-use technologies without having the need for licenses, all of which are regulated by the Department of Commerce.

Lloyd aimed at improving USA and Indian military’s operational cooperation. The Secretary General met Ajit Doval, India’s National Security Advisor on the 5th of June to discuss India and USA’s mutual interests.

What was discussed?

Lloyd Austin and Ajit Doval discussed methods to enhance the cooperation of USA and Indian military, navy and air force, especially regarding particular technologies. The Secretary also portrayed USA’s interest of amplifying the transfer of technology from USA to India.

USA’s support to India was also depicted as Austin and Doval discussed building indigenous capacities in the two countries as a part of India’s Make in India initiative. In the meeting, Doval and Austin emphasized the shared focus of India and the US on reliable sources of supply, strong and durable supply chains, and increased collaborations between industries.

During a media briefing, Lloyd stated that India and the United States of America have mutually agreed to create an ambitious plan for enhancing defence-industrial cooperation. He further emphasized the significance of the India-US global strategic partnership, describing it as the fundamental pillar supporting a free and open Indo-Pacific region.

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