Unveiling the Achilles’ Heel: Unraveling the Causes Behind Bridge Collapses

Unveiling the causes behind the Bridge Collapse. The collapse in Bihar luckily leaves no casualties. Following the tragedy, the Chief Minister issues a probe against those responsible

The under-construction Aguwani-Sultanganj bridge in Bihar fell on Sunday due to shoddy construction. 

This is not the first time, the bridges have collapsed. From the month of rain to the month of nothing, bridges collapse from time to time as if it were a tradition. 

The bridge collapse is not a significant issue until there are no casualties recorded. The problem was not particularly noteworthy, this time,  because it was under construction, and there were no casualties.

The incident was recorded by the locals around 6 pm. 

Source: Economic Times

Thank heavens, it’s still under construction and not fully operational. If the workers were present at the time of the incident, it may have wreaked havoc. There were no casualties since there were no workers.

The collapse of three pillars and a portion is expected to be the primary cause of the accident. 

“We have received information about the collapse of pillar and segment. The incident pertains to Parvatta. We have spoken to the engineers involved in the construction of the bridge. As of now, there is no report of loss of life and property”., said Bhagalpur SDO Dhananjay Kumar, to a news agency.

Following the incident, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has launched an investigation into individuals responsible for the tragedy.

Earlier when the bridge had collapsed, we thought that all the segments should undergo checks. A review meeting was also held in this regard. IIT Roorkee blamed the storm for the collapse of the bridge on April 30 last year. We had doubts over its design and had decided to demolish it and reconstruct the bridge”., Deputy chief minister added, when questioned about the collapse.

Having said that, it is still important to consider the practical issues involved in the construction. 

Why do Bridges Collapse? 

Source: Indian Express

  1. Inferior Quality of Materials: Bridges collapse when the quality of the materials used is compromised. The compromise doe, imply reducing the overall strength of the structure. According to reports, it may “settle, rut, wash out, warp, fade, break, chip, corrode” over time or even during construction if not handled properly. 
  2. Miscalculation: If the engineers make calculation errors, the bridge may collapse under its weight. 
  1. Defect in Key Piece: The Superstructure, Deck, Substructure, Foundation, and Girder are the most important components. If there are any building or planning issues with the basic structure, the bridge will deconstruct itself. 

Following the incident, Bihar Lop Vijay Kumar Sinha blasted the ruling party, claiming that the party has a history of seeking a commission. He also argued that there is political instability within the system, which prevents people from enjoying the facilities provided to them by the government. 

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