Strong brew and condensed milk : Give Vietnamese coffee a try

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Vietnamese coffee, mostly prepared using condensed milk has intrigued coffee enthusiasts for a long time now. Yet, it remains relatively undiscovered. We bring to you all about Vietnamese coffee. On your trip to Vietnam, include your visit to the cafes there in your itinerary.

The method of preparing and the choice of coffee beans forms the basis of Vietnamese coffee’s speciality. Vietnamese coffee beans are majorly grown in Da Lat, which is given the nickname ‘Europe of Vietnam’ owing to its pleasant weather and hills. Along with coffee, the city also has tea and flower plantations.

Vietnamese coffee is roasted in a unique way that constitutes for its taste. It is roasted with ingredients such as rice wine, salt and butter. At times, while roasting, chocolate and caramel too, are added, they remain the most preferred flavours by the locals.

The beans are not wholly grounded and are put into a drip filter commonly known as phin, which is placed on top of a cup. The beans are made to gain weight, using a thin lid, then hot water is poured into the phin and it gradually passes into the cup. This process has to be repeated two more times till substantial amount of coffee is prepared.

Vietnamese coffee varieties

Coffee has turned out to be one of the most popular drinks in Vietnam with one-of-a-kind variants. So, given are some of the recipes that you can try on your trip to Vietnam.

Vietnamese milk coffee

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Many people have a strong brew by adding sweetened condensed milk to it. The French introduced coffee to Vietnam, they did not have easy access to fresh milk, hence, began the tradition. Till date, fresh milk is not used much in traditional cafes.

In northern Vietnam, black coffee and sweetened condensed milk are mixed together, commonly known as ca phe nau or brown coffee, in the south, it is known as ca phe or milk coffee. Mostly, it is iced but hot cups are also available.

Vietnamese yoghurt coffee

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Yoghurt and coffee together, nah, which is how anyone can react upon hearing about it. But in Vietnam, it is an actual thing when it comes to coffee. Yoghurt coffee is also known as sua chua ca phe and is made by mixing yoghurt and coffee.

Yoghurt provides tartness, and a creamy and rich texture while the coffee has a wonderful aroma along with chocolaty notes. The flavours in the drink are in contrast to each other . Even a sip is enough to make you fall for it.

Vietnamese egg coffee

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Coffee and egg, another bizarre combination right ? But yes, egg is also used for making coffee in Vietnam. The result is a smooth beverage, consisting of foam from the eggs on top of dark coffee.

This coffee is ideal for people as they get tired from work and gives them that rejuvenation they need. It prepared by mainly using egg yolks and condensed milk. Again, the contrast in flavours and textures makes up for its appeal. It is also known as ca phe trung.

For egg coffee, a strong brew is advised for preparing it as well as beating the egg yolks and condensed milk to an airy foam.

Coconut coffee

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We cannot do without talking about coconut coffee. It has turned out to be a favourite brew among so many people. It is also known as ca phe cot dua. It also has a strong flavour along with coconut slush on top providing for a delectable experience.

In a more regular form, it is made by using coconut milk and condensed milk.

Coffee smoothie

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Coffee smoothie has too come up and it did not take time to achieve recognition. Fruits are blended with coffee, at times, yoghurt and cashews too are added to the mixture. Now this is innovative for the health conscious folks out there.

Give these beverages a try and satiate your coffee cravings. Though, they will not end after you try these. You will keep asking for more !

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