Theory of Evolution

Charles Darwin was of the opinion that nature develops itself through gradual change. He believed that the ancestors of all of us are one and every species whether it is tree or animal or human, all are related to each other. In the year 1858, the ‘Theory of Evolution’ was put before the world by Darwin. In this theory, it was said that many species of plants of a particular type were similar earlier, but due to the struggle to survive in different geographical conditions of the world, their composition changed. Because of this many species of the same caste plant have been formed.

Similarly, the ancestors of humans were also monkeys earlier. But some monkeys started living in different places, due to which gradually changes started coming in them according to their needs. The changes in them started appearing in their next generation, which changed further with the changing times. In this way, by gradual development, the species of monkey became the human race.

In other words, if this thing is to be explained, then one son of a vertebrate mammal like Orangutan started living on the tree and the other on the ground. The son living on the land learned new arts to keep himself alive. He learned to stand, walk on two legs, use two hands. He started hunting and farming to make ends meet. In this way he became human from orangutan. According to science, the DNA of human and orangutan is found up to 97 percent. However, this does not mean that orangutans will become humans by getting five percent human DNA, because both have undergone the present visible changes after millions of years of gradual development.

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