The gift of influencer marketing

Social media’s popularity has continued to dominate global households. Influencing many companies to use influencers, to capitalize this dominance, with varying marketing practices.  

The lineage of marketing

People are born with an inevitable need for something new. Purchases can validate individuals or alleviate their position within society. Any sort of interaction within the market that leads to the purchase of a product conveys that the individual has contributed to the consumption arrow. This never-ending phenomenon seems to have taken over the world.

Ever since juvenescence, people have felt the need to purchase. Whether it is kids wanting to purchase a new bag or toddlers wanting to get ahold of expensive jewelry because it shines and attracts attention. Social media’s inception has kicked up this demand up a notch. With the extensive presence of internet throughout the world, people can derive required information.

Whether it is the best product in the market or the most expensive, consumers search for products calculatedly. These calculations range from necessities all the way to one’s social status. With such immense rates of dependence, many saw the use of social media and started to market their own journeys.

Influencer power

The individuals who were able to market their journeys successfully came to be known as influencers. Once people can relate to an individual on the internet, they start to follow their journey and dwell into their lifestyle choices. Not only do these influencers present a relatable scale but they also represent certain standards of desirability.

According to ION statistics published by Forbes, 71% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on social media reference. This opens opportunities for all-scale businesses to dig into this gold mine. Companies provide free services to the top influencers. These influencers record their experiences and display it on their preferred media platform.

This content is eaten up their audiences. At the end of the day people who feel attracted by this proposition (in many cases, it’s the majority), are ready to spend their money on these services offered by said companies. When Lionel Messi started playing football, he signed a long-term deal with the company Adidas. When his influence grew unrivalled, Adidas offered him a lifetime deal, just to acquire exclusivity and demand.

Selective exclusivity

While influencer marketing yields an astounding response, influencers need to navigate the ever-changing nature of social media platforms. The introduction of Tik Tok (social media platform) has reduced the attention span of individuals. People can deliver the required information within the span of 30 seconds.

In such a case, people having influence on Instagram and YouTube need to understand this shift otherwise, their sponsors would navigate to Tik Tok. To keep in line with demand, YouTube introduced shorts and Instagram introduced reels in order to keep the demand within their platform.

The future

Influencer marketing is a useful tool when it comes to directing consumer demand. With the ability to drive such an important medium, the impact created by social media influencers seems to be unrivalled. With a market that relies on authenticity and relatability, influencer marketing also provides resistance to AI intervention, opening avenues of profitability for many.   

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