The Disturbing Surge in Assaults on Minors

In this article, we delve into the concerning issue of assaults on minors in India, looking into recent events and shedding light on the urgent need for judicial intervention. This comprehensive examination underscores the necessity for collective efforts to safeguard our vulnerable children’s rights and well-being.


India has recently seen a troubling increase in incidences of rape against minors, highlighting the vulnerability and security issues that the nation’s youth face. These shocking events have caused anger and generated discussions about societal norms, legal shortcomings, and the necessity of judicial involvement.

 In this article, we will examine three interrelated subtopics, including the scrutiny placed on a Gujarat High Court judge, the rise in the number of rape cases involving minors, and a contentious Thane Court acquittal.

Gujarat High Court Judge Questions Early Marriage Norms Amid Minor’s Pregnancy Plea:

An important point about early marriage was raised by a judge at the Gujarat High Court, providing new insight into prevalent social standards and their effects on children. A young woman in the case begged for permission to end her pregnancy.

The court voiced worry while presiding over the case over the negative impact of early marriages on the physical and mental health of young females. As child marriages frequently result in unintended outcomes, such as unintended pregnancies and associated health problems, this case has highlighted the urgent need to rethink social norms and address the issue of child marriages.

The Growing Menace of Rape on Minors and the Psychology of Rapists:

Sadly, the number of cases of rape of kids has increased, frightening the entire country. These horrific deeds cause long-lasting distress, harm children’s general well-being, and deprive them of their innocence. The psychological motivations behind these crimes are complicated and multifaceted.

We emphasize the urgent need for joint efforts to safeguard the rights and well-being of our vulnerable children by examining the junction of societal norms, legal issues, and psychological considerations.

Thane Court Acquits Man Accused of Rape and Murder of a Minor Girl:

A man was found not guilty by the Thane Court of the rape and murder of a little girl, a depressing episode that has stirred indignation and rekindled concerns about justice delivery systems. The court’s ruling has generated discussion regarding the effectiveness of our judicial systems and highlighted questions. The judge ruled that it was in their eyes it was obvious that the accused was found and taken into custody purely on the basis of suspicion.

While the specifics of the acquittal are yet unknown, this case serves as an example of the need for exhaustive investigations, trustworthy evidence, and vigorous legal actions to guarantee that justice is done, especially in situations involving vulnerable youngsters.

Image Source: Deccan Herald


The three subtopics covered here illustrate the pressing need for a comprehensive strategy to address the severe problem of rape of kids. The Gujarat High Court’s examination of early marriage customs highlights the significance of reassessing established standards.

The prevalence of rape of kids and the urgent need for rigorous prevention measures highlight the importance of psychological profiling. Furthermore, the controversial Thane Court acquittal serves as a sobering reminder of the need for an efficient and impartial legal system that protects the rights and well-being of society’s most vulnerable citizens.

We can only hope to give our kids a safer and more secure environment by concerted efforts involving stakeholders from the legal system, law enforcement, and civil society.

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