Massive Protests Expected in Miami as Trump’s Arraignment Looms

there will be multiple pro-Trump demonstrations in Miami on Tuesday

According to the Washington Post, there will be multiple pro-Trump demonstrations in Miami on Tuesday Donald Trump’s plane touched down in Miami on Monday, a day ahead of his court appearance regarding charges of alleged mishandling of national secret documents. His motorcade made its way to a nearby club Trump National Doral, owned by Trump, … Read more

Title 42 expires: Border officials brace for influx

Migrants speak with members of the Texas National Guard to cross the border to enter the United States

Title 42 is known as an emergency health authority.  It began in March 2020 as a leftover from President Donald Trump’s administration. The United States is imposing additional limitations at its southern border in an attempt to deter migrants from crossing illegally and instead urge them to petition for asylum online through a new process. … Read more

Jury Finds Trump Liable, Slaps Him with $5 Million Fine in Jean Carroll Case

Jury holds the former president accountable in the sexual assault and defamation case. However, it is taken as sexual abuse rather than a rape accusation. Manhattan jury found former President Donald Trump responsible for an alleged sexual assault and defamation lawsuit. The victim has been awarded $5 million in monetary damages by the court. Due … Read more