What Is El Niño? The Event To Make 2024 The Hottest Year.

El Nino visualised in the Pacific coast of the American continent

The last few decades have been witness to constantly worsening climate. A new record-breaking hottest day each summer, out-of-season rainfall in the monsoon belt, shortening winter periods which don’t even get as cold anymore. All of these and more are directly linked to the world’s average temperature increase. El Niño is a natural climate event … Read more

5,000 Species Discovered In Pacific Mining Zone

example of species found in the pacific

Researchers have discovered 5,578 different species in the pacific ocean. The Clarion-Clipperton Zone, a region spanning about 5,000 kilometres between Hawaii and Mexico, is home to polymetallic nodules which are a potential source for copper, nickel, iron, and other rare earth metals. The International Seabed Authority (ISA) regulates deep-sea mining in this region and has … Read more