Serbians Surrender 13,500 Weapons Following Mass Shootings

Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic with pile of surrendered weapons (Photo by Serbian Presidential Press)

Two weeks after a 13-year-old boy opened fire in his school in the Serbian capital which killed 8 children and 1 security guard, and a day later another mass shooting in Mladenovac, a town near Belgrade which killed 8 in a drive-by attack, Serbians surrendered all weapons. The surrendered weapons numbered ~13,500, which included automatic … Read more

Serbian teen shooter called police after killing 9

Serbian, Serbia

Serbian Police reported that the 13-year-old perpetrator of the school shooting in Serbia had carefully planned the attack, creating sketches of the classrooms and a list of specific students he intended to target. He proceeded to carry out the plan, resulting in the deaths of eight students and a security guard. The shooter then contacted … Read more