Nudity & obscenity are not synonyms, Kerela HC dismisses the case against Rehana Fatima.

This article is regarding an Indian women activist, who was charged against POCSO, after her video went viral in which she was seen showing her semi-nude body and letting her children paint over it, claiming to impart sex education. Who is Rehana Fatima? Rehana Fatima is a 37-year-old Indian model and women activist, who won … Read more

Supreme Court halts “Disturbing” use of Astrology in Rape Victim Assessment on June 3rd

credit: The Quint

On June 3rd, in a special sitting, the Supreme Court stayed an order by the Allahabad High Court through which it sought the assistance of astrology to ascertain if the rape victim was ‘manglik’, as the accused used the same reason to deny marrying her after sexual relations. Background According to Hindu astrology, a person … Read more