France Riots: What We Know

What Happened in France? Protests have been happening in France after a 17-year-old boy was shot by the police near Paris. The incident has sparked a debate about the treatment of marginalized communities by the police, leading to protests and riots. Steps Taken There have been many arrests made, and the French government has banned … Read more

For some they are reforms, for most they are demanding too much

They are reforms, but will still be protested

The French government pushed into law the pension reforms which increased the age of employment from 62 to 64, in order to get the benefit of full pension. It was not acceptable to the workforce who is engaging in massive protests in order to get the government to withdraw reforms which are now designated as … Read more

Preventive Arrests: The Controversial Tool Against Protests

French police arresting protestors

Rising unrest against the French President due to the recent pension reform has led to the police using dubious, undemocratic methods to combat the protests On Wednesday, France’s Chief Inspector for Prisons, Dominique Simonnot, wrote in a report about the police arresting protestors on legal grounds that are dubious at best and non-existent at worst. … Read more

May Day 2023, Workers Unite for Better Working Conditions

french may day protest

In the face of rising workers’ rights abuse, a ray of hope in this annual celebration of the working class. May Day is an international celebration of laborers and the working class every year on the 1st of May starting from 1890. This day is viewed as a national public holiday in many countries, including … Read more