From farm to fork: Importance of sustainable food systems

From farm to fork: Understanding the cruciality of sustainable food systems

With the current influx of resources being diminished at an extraordinary rate, concerns regarding the embalming of resources have risen. To preserve better livelihoods for the future generations, sustainable systems require priority. Lessons from Covid-19 2020’s pandemic was one of the most devastating events in human history. The disruption of markets alongside the destruction of … Read more

Technological overhaul of resourceful learning

The technological overhaul of learning

As the world continues to develop at a rapid pace, technological advancements seem to have penetrated every sector in the world. With its involvement in education, children are having to adopt new learning methodologies. Education and technology Education is regarded as an important possession in society. The acquisition of this medium opens avenues for opportunities … Read more

India lends a hand to the Pacific islands


India pledges support 14 Pacific islands concerning health problems, energy, and security issues Fighting over China’s influence over this Pacific island, India vows its support to the Pacific islands.A meeting for discussion for solving the problem was held at Port Moresby, the Capital of Papua, New Guinea. Indian PM Narendra Modi marked his presence at … Read more