Threat Of A ‘Catastrophic’ Cyberattack Raised By Geopolitical Instability

Threat Of A 'Catastrophic' Cyberattack Raised By Geopolitical Instability

The belief that “a far-reaching, catastrophic cyber occasion is possible in the next two years” is shared by over 93% of cybersecurity experts and 86% of corporate leaders. They also believe that there is a severe skills gap that is endangering societies and essential infrastructure. Global geopolitical instability, according to a large majority of business … Read more

San Antonio can enforce country wide Cybersecurity strategy — if there’s real motion at federal stage

With administrations in a row releasing a country wide Cybersecurity approach, it appears our countrywide leaders may ultimately understand the danger posed via no longer securing our country wide hobbies in cyberspace. The modern-day approach shared through the Biden administration is encouraging, as is the administration’s dedication to making substantial modifications through multiplied govt orders, … Read more

Is the dominance of China in global investment waning?

Investment in China

Image Source: CFA Institute Blogs There has been a steady decline in investment in China since 2020. As they say, everything has to see its downturn after reaching its peak, and this is what exactly the status quo of investment in China is. As New York Times reported in September last year European interest in … Read more