AI Experts Sound the Alarm for Extinction

AI Experts Sound the Alarm for Extinction

The conversation on AI takeover and the harm it causes to society is something that has been ongoing since the invention of the internet. These AIs provide the exact same services that workers in various fields do, much faster than how long an individual, or even a team, would take to do it. Even though … Read more

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Unleash your untapped potential of freelance digital marketing and harness its remarkable power to provide you with the necessary money This is your finest chance if you’re thinking about working part-time to make money!  Currently, obtaining work has proven to be a mentally taxing process. With rising unemployment, no one wants to pay you without … Read more

Foreignerds Inc. Empowers Digital Marketing Landscape with Cutting-Edge AI Integration

Foreignerds Inc. incorporates AI, to maximize customer satisfaction The world has become numb in the clutches of Artificial Intelligence. From ‘Chatgpt what is the day tomorrow’ to ‘Write a 700-word essay about Margret Fuller,’ everything has changed quickly as AI has advanced.  It answers all questions with relatively few mistakes. It solves relationship problems, prepares … Read more

Washington is under concern to regulate AI but uncertain with the road ahead.


With the expeditious development in the field of Artificial Intelligence, the need to regulate it has become crucial to mitigate its harmful effects on the human population. Various government stakeholders around the country are concerned about AI’s need for regulation and so is Washington but is dwelling into the conundrum of the uncertain path ahead. … Read more