Sweden’s Loreen big win at Eurovision; countries stood with Ukraine in support

  • The biggest non-sport event in Europe has finally come to an end on Sunday.
  •  With participation from all across Europe to contest for the prestigious Eurovision title, the crown finally went to Sweden’s Loreen for the record second time. 
  • Ukraine’s participating city was bombed during its performance in Liverpool. 
  • Because of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, England became the host city on behalf of Ukraine.
Sweden’s Loreen celebrates with the trophy after winning the final of the Eurovision Song contest 2023 on May 13, 2023

The 67th Eurovision Song Contest finally came to an end in Liverpool, England. This year, thirty-seven countries in total sent each group of participants selected by their countries through local votes and competitions. 

At the finals, twenty-six countries were qualified to compete further, which includes a permanent group of six countries at every annual song contest. These countries include the winner of the last Eurovision Contest, and other ‘Big Five’ as they are called for paying the most in organizing the Contest. These Big Five are France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the UK.

The 2023 Contest as per tradition should have been hosted by Ukraine but the ongoing crisis in the territory passed on the responsibility to England, the 2022 Eurovision runner-up. 

Source: Reuters
Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra appear on stage after winning the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest in Turin, Italy, on May 15.

Sweden’s Loreen created history at Eurovision.

For her original song “Tattoo”, Loreen won the prestigious Eurovision title in Liverpool, England on Saturday, becoming the first ever woman in Eurovision Song Contest history to win the title twice. She was closely competed by the Finnish singer, Käärijä who came as runner-up in the contest.

Loreen, 39, won her last Eurovision title in 2012 and now is the only female singer ever to have the title twice after only Johnny Logan  of Ireland in the 1980s. 

With Loreen’s victory this year, Sweden has won its seventh Eurovision title which has now come equal to Ireland in total number of victory titles to its name. 

After her win on Saturday, exhilarated Loreen said, “I am seriously overwhelmed. This is so beautiful.”

She went to be nostalgic about her last performance at Eurovision in 2012 and added that it feels to her as returning back to her family as she knows it all by now after thirteen years.

The contest was ended by Mae Muller of England as the last  to perform at the event. Muller ended up last to second place at the contest but escaped herself from getting the most dreaded “nul points” or zero points.

Russian missiles hit entry’s city in Ukraine as the contest went on in Liverpool

Local authorities in Ukraine, reported Russian missiles were attacked on the western city of Ternopil, which is home to the duo, Tvorchi, this year’s entry from the country at Eurovision. It was reported that the Russian attack on the city killed two people.

Ukrainian President Volodymyrr Zelensky was not allowed to address the viewers of the event as he had intended to do so. The European Broadcasting Union, the organizer of the contest applauded the ‘good intention’ of the President but hinged back on the event’s tradition of being apolitical. 

Source: Yahoo Movies Uk

Although the event does not encourage or align with any political act of any kind, this year the strong solidarity of the participating nation was quite evident. The big event was flushed with blue-yellow flags to show full empathy and support to the nation in crisis.

The show, which was watched by thousands of people, live in Liverpool and millions of others, joined through television, was filled with melancholy and sorrow at the devastating state in their neighboring country.

 The homage and remembrance to the once-rejoiced country was beautifully paid by the rendition of “You will never walk alone” sung together in solidarity with Ukraine, bringing many to tears.

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