Saudi Arabia mandates the need to take Profession test For Indian Nationals

It has become mandatory to take profession test for employment visa in Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Human resources and Social development (MHRSD) with the Ministry of Foreign affairs and Technical and Vocational Training Corporation launched Professional Verification Scheme in 2021.
This scheme is all set to enter it’s third phase wherein it mandates the need to take profession tests for Indian Nationals.

Known as Skill Verification Test , it has been made compulsory for certain jobs till now but will expand to different jobs later on.

Till now 19 job categories including and Electricians, Plumbers and Welders would be undergoing this test

Under this, the individuals will soon need to go through theoretical and practical tests to evaluate whether their skills match the work profile before they get their employment visa to Saudi Arabia.


This scheme keeps the vision to Enhance the quality of professionals in the country by having the best of their professionals in the team and eliminating under qualified candidates.
The individual with atleast 50% of the score would be issued Certification with 5 year validity and can further apply for Saudi Arabia employment visa

The expansion of this scheme to Indian Nationals , it may limit the pool of candidates who get recruited to Arabia

The Saudi Arabia embassy in India have already been informed about the Skill verification test.

The first phrase of this test would be launched in the Delhi and Mumbai.The MHRSD is expected to announce the implementation date of the skill verification test shortly.


This scheme first phase has been launched in Pakistan where skill verification is being conducted for 5 professions. Many centres have been allotted for the examination thereafter which they can apply for the Saudi Visa.

This scheme will screen the professionals working there as well as the Individuals who wish to work In Saudi Arabia.

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