Russia Slams Ukraine for “Ridiculous” Tweet on Kaali, Accuses Ukraine of Disrespecting Religious Beliefs

Russia has chastised Ukraine for disregarding people’s religious beliefs all across the world. It further alleges that the country adheres to Nazi-related philosophies.

The Ukrainian defense ministry was regretful about a tweet they had made on Twitter regarding the Hindu deity Kali. According to reports, the tweet was insulting because it ridiculed the goddess Kali by showing her in the famous Marilyn Monroe pose.

( Source : Twitter )

Ukraine’s deputy foreign minister, Emine Dzheppar, expressed regret over the Defence Ministry’s representation of Goddess Kali in a denigrated manner on Tuesday, stating that her nation and its citizens appreciate “unique Indian culture.” 

“We regret @DefenceU depicting #Hindu goddess #Kali in distorted manner. #Ukraine &its people respect unique #Indian culture&highly appreciat Indian support.The depiction has already been removed Ukraine is determined to further increase cooperation in spirit of mutual respect& stong friendship.”

The official Twitter account of the Ukrainian defense ministry tweeted the Maksym Palenko-created depiction of the Hindu god with the phrase “Work of art.” The picture made fun of the religion that countless Hindus worldwide practice. But it’s only the publication of this picture by the Ukrainian government division, that fueled the fires.  

Spite the efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to resolve the war between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Zelenskyy numerous times, the Russia-Ukraine war broke out in February 2022. Modi had during the time stated there can possibly be “no military solution” and that India is prepared to support any peace efforts in a phone chat with Zelenskyy in October of last year. It is still unclear what the Zelenskyy government’s intentions are with India, notwithstanding the support that India had provided. 

The Tweet, however, sparked a widespread uproar earlier on social media, with many users alleging that it offended their religious sensibilities. 

“The official handle of the Ministry of Defence, Ukraine 


🇺🇦 posted a highly insulting and hateful content today on Twitter portraying Hindu Goddess Kali.”, said one Twitter handler. 

While some users criticized Ukraine’s action, others questioned the post’s motivation because it’s still not clear why the defense sent out a tweet that mocked people’s religious beliefs.  

Further, reacting to the post, another Twitter handler commented, “ More and more UKR do this, they would get more away from India and possible support on any ground, which is further detrimental to them when India is one of the best friendly country to be with and becoming a superpower”

Following this, Russia has now condemned Ukraine for insulting the religious belief of Indians. The Russian envoy at the UN, Dmitry Polyansky said, 

“ Kiev (Kyiv) regime doesn’t care about any beliefs, be it Hindu, Muslim or Christian Orthodox. Its solider burn Koran, mock Kali, destroy Orthodox sacred places. The only ideology they worship is Nazism – Nationalist slogan says Ukraine is above everything/uiber alles! #NoToNazism” 

( Source: UN Multimedia )

The future of friendship between Ukraine and India, notwithstanding the remorse expressed by Ukraine over the tweet, is still dismal, even though India feels bound to help the war-torn nation of Ukraine.

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