Rishi Sunak sends message to Criminal gangs, joins raid on illegal migrants arresting 105

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak accompanied enforcement officials from the UK Home Office on a raid aimed at tackling illegal migration throughout the country. The operation resulted in the apprehension of 105 individuals from various nationalities, representing a significant nationwide crackdown.

The UK Prime Minister posted a picture of himself on twitter, visiting Brent in north London, while wearing a black bulletproof vest. The purpose of his visit was to witness the operational activities of Immigration Enforcement officers as they carried out a “day of action.”

Details of the Raid

The raid took place on the 15th of June, Thursday. A team of Immigration Enforcement Officers carried out raids on various commercial work establishments including convenience stores, barber shops, nail salons, car wash, and restaurants.

The aim of the raid was to detain foreign nationals who had illegally come into the United Kingdom and were working without being given the right by the government to do so. The charges on the grounds of which the people were arrested were “illegal working” and harbouring “false documents”.

A total 159 places were raided resulting the arrests of 105 foreign nationals. The nationalities of the convicted individuals has not been revealed but reports have been made of individuals from 20 different nationalities being arrested.

UK PM Rishi Sunak on the Illegal Immigrants Raid on June 16th, Thursday. credit: twitter/rishisunak
UK PM Rishi Sunak on the Illegal Immigrants Raid on June 16th, Thursday. credit: twitter/rishisunak

What happens after arrest?

Among the individuals apprehended, more than 40 were placed in Home Office custody for their imminent deportation from the UK, while the rest were granted immigration bail upon their release. The Home Office anticipates that a portion of those arrested will voluntarily leave the UK as a response to their current situation.

Why did the PM join the raid?

Rishi Sunak announced in December last year that one of the top priorities of his government will be cracking down illegal migration and “stopping the boats”, hinting at boats that illegally cross into the UK.

Ahead of the general election next year, the Prime Minister is seen monitoring the Illegal Migration Raid himself to ensure the people that his government works towards the promises they make.

Since Rishi Sunak took illegal migration as a top priority, there has been reported a 57% increase in illegal migration enforcement visits at the start of 2023 alone. Following these visits, the arrests made at them have been reported to have doubled from the ones made last year.

According to the Home Office, this operation is an extension of the continuous efforts made by Immigration Enforcement officers to combat illegal employment, which plays a significant role in the government’s strategy to prevent illegal crossings of the English Channel.

The primary objective of the operation is to address illegal migration by disrupting the business practices of criminal gangs who entice individuals to illegally enter the UK through the lure of illicit job opportunities.

“On Thursday I joined Immigration Enforcement officers clamping down on illegal working, sending a clear message that it’s this country who should decide who comes here, not criminal gangs”- twitter, Rishi Sunak.

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