Right-wing parties in Chile to dominate in drafting of new constitution

A major-blow has been encountered by the ruling far-leftist government of Chile as the conservatives pull out major votes in its favor  and will be dominating over the draft-making procedure of Country’s new constitution.

Source: The Guardian

The country has been underway to rewrite its constitution which was explicitly promoted by the ruling leftist government, headed by President Gabriel Boric. After the failed attempt to pass the proposed newly drafted constitution in  September Last year, the government came up with the scheduled voting for formation of a new assembly to draft the “text” as another attempt to enable a reformed constitution.  

The far-right Republican party has won dominant votes in the election held to choose the members of the body tasked with drawing up Chile’s new constitution. President Gabriel Boric’s arch opponent Antonio Kast leads the Republican party of Chile, who have won 22 out of 50 seats in the election. 

Framing of Chile’s new constitution

In 2019, a huge population of Chileans, mainly the non-elite class, which forms around 99% of the country’s population, were seen on streets protesting against the country’s extreme inequalities and widening gap among the classes. The 2019 uproar came after a 4-cent fare rise of the metro in the country’s capital, under the era of policies and government rules which deeply entrenched the majority population into poverty and its vulnerabilities.

The 2019 protest gave the Country the way forward to reformation. In 2020, the country voted in plebiscite to replace the then constitution written under the rule of General Augusto Pinochet, a far-right autocrat leader of Chile who ruled the country from 1973 to 1990.

In its reform to propose a new constitution, the country formed a 155 member elected assembly with equal participation of men and women to draft the new constitution which should be further offered to the public for its acceptance or rejection.

Supporters of the “I Approve” option react after hearing the results of the referendum on a new Chilean constitution in Valparaiso, Chile, October 25, 2020. Photo: Reuters/Rodrigo Garrido

The formation of a new constitution to replace Pinochet’s one has been extravagantly promoted by the currently ruling far-left party who won the election in 2021, making Gabriel Boric, the youngest president of the country.   

The old constitution which entailed the neoliberal, free economic model leading to privatization of most sectors including education, healthcare, pensions, etcetera, and  later brought democratization in the country, led the country to be a prosperous and stable one. But with the extreme capitalist and privatized government policies, the population got engulfed in inequality and poverty.

Failure of first attempt to pass the newly drafted constitution

The ruling leftist government’s effort to change Chile’s constitution with a new progressive one did not see the light of the day after the Chilean population outrightly rejected the drafted charter in the plebiscite.

The proposed constitution included the demands voiced during the vast social movement observed around the country in 2020. From policies to encourage general parity across governmental sectors and prioritizing environmental protection to recognition of a country’s indigenous population for the first time, the rejected constitution would have been the most progressive constitution of the world.

Source: Al Jazeera

The government’s effort to make another attempt to revamp the constitution has been underway. The ruling Gabriel government is in serious dilemma after the recent election giving majority win to the far-right Conservative Republican party to dominate the constitution making process.

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