A prominent Palestinian figure on a hunger strike dies in prison

  • Khader Adnan was a senior figure in the militant group Islamic Jihad who was on his 5th hunger strike for 86 days.
  • Adnan began his hunger strike after he was detained by Israeli forces on February 5 
  • Palestinian Prime Minister claimed Adnan’s death as ‘deliberate assassination’ by Israeli forces.
  •  The Israeli military claimed rockets were fired from Gaza strips towards Israeli territory hours after the announcement of Adnan’s death.

Khader Adnan who was related closely with the Palestinian’s activist group named as Islamic Jihad has died recently after being on a hunger strike for 86 days. He was arrested on February 5, this year by the Israeli forces on grounds of terrorism offenses. Adnan’s supporters claimed that Adnan was arrested without any legit ground and he began his hunger-strike against his illegit detention. 

Adnan  had refused to undergo any medical treatment, as reported by Israeli prisoner officials and was later found unconscious in his prison cell on Tuesday morning.

Not a first hunger-strike by Adnan 

This was not the first time that Adnan protested against his illegit detention, by Israeli forces, through undergoing a hunger strike. He had put a hunger-strike several times before in his lifetime, including the 55-day long strike in 2015 against his detention by Israeli forces in name of the so-called ‘administrative detention’, where a person can be detained by Israel on an indefinite period  without charge or trial.

 Palestinians considered Adnan a political activist who had led the refusal of food as a means of protesting against imprisonment without charge by Israeli forces.

Al Jazeera’s Nida Ibrahim said  that Adnan was first in 2012 to lead an individual hunger strike to protest his detention by Israeli officials without charges. This, Nida further added, was the instigative act which further led many such other prisoners to protest detention by undergoing hunger strikes.

Khader Adnan plays with his daughters in the village of Arraba, near Jenin, after he was released from prison in April 2012 (Oren Ziv/MEE)

Ibrahim also reported that Adnan’s family had been concerned about Adnan’s health after 80 days of his hunger strike, claiming his life to be under danger. His wife, Randa Mousa earlier told Agence France-Presse (AFP) news agency that her husband was refusing any medical treatment and is in the prison with extreme detention conditions. The Israeli forces are resisting to transfer him to a civilian hospital and also refusing his lawyer to give him a visit, said Mousa.

Israel history of detaining Palentinians in prison

As per reports from Al Jazeera, there are 4,900 Palestinians held in Israeli prison, as of April 2023. They are claimed as ‘political prisoners’ by Palestinian who are detained in their strive to end ‘Israel’s  illegal occupation of Palestinian territory’. 

The numbers include 1,016 Palestinians as ‘administrative-detainees’ (held without charge or trial), 160 child prisoners, and also 554 Palestinians who have been served death sentences. 

Source: Daily Sabah

Israel is also the only country, where children are tried in military courts, scraping off their basic human rights. The famous Ahmad Manasra’s case shook the human rights community where a 13 year old boy was arrested, interrogated brutally and was later sentenced. The boy was diagnosed to be suffering from schizophrenia by the psychiatrist from Doctors without Borders, when in 2022 for the first time an outside doctor was allowed to meet Ahmad. In Spite of his mental issues, he was put in solitary confinement by Israel.   

Israel has been deporting prisoners from occupied territory of the West Bank to Israeli prisons, which is illegal under international law, said Addameer, a Palestinian’s prisoners rights group. 

Rocket strikes from West Bank towards Israeli territory

Only hours after Khader Adnan’s death, 3 rocket strikes were reported to crash into Israeli territory. The rocket strikes were done by Palestinian militants from the Gaza strip but fell in open areas.

Randa Mousa, Adnan’s wife, said she did not want people to mourn her husband’s death. She also exclaimed that she did not want to see any drop of blood to be shed in retaliation. 

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