Peace Negotiations Fail: War Continues to Ravage Khartoum Between Rival Sudanese Forces

Peace negotiations between the rival forces of Sudan have ended in dismal failure, despite the commitments made in the Jeddah Declaration to protect and prioritize the citizens of Sudan

Sudan looks to be decaying as a result of the hands of conflict. Despite the numerous attempts made by both civil war parties to alleviate the situation, the country remains torn apart.

Sudan’s opposing factions agreed on Thursday to sign a proclamation on Friday promising to protect the people of the state. The move was intended to be taken for humanitarian reasons.

 Both factions promised to monitor their operations, allow for the safe delivery of humanitarian aid, restore critical services, and withdraw their forces from hospitals and clinics. 

“We agree that the interests and well-being of the Sudanese people are our top priority and affirm our commitment to ensure that civilians are protected at all times. This includes allowing safe passage for civilians to leave areas of active hostilities on a voluntary basis, in the direction they choose.”, was said by the civil war parties in Jeddah’s declaration of commitment, according to Sudan Tribune.   

Despite both parties’ grandiose commitments, civilians paint a different story. Residents of the capital city have reportedly claimed that the fighting has intensified in recent days.

It’s not even safe inside your own house.” said Mohamed Abdulwahab, a Twitter handler. 

Furthermore, people are increasingly using Twitter to communicate with the rest of the globe, as they share their condolences and concerns on social media. According to popular opinion, the war has signaled the end of art and artists, as the battle has deprived them of their livelihoods. 

“ She sang of love and peace, but the shrapnel of war killed her. The death of the artist, Shaden #Sudan” a Twitter handler posted, noting the situation. 

(Source: Twitter )

The fight in Sudan started in the month of April, following the unexpected attack, launched by the parliamentary Rapid Support Force (RSF) on numerous Sudanese Army facilities throughout the nation. Since then, the major government buildings have been taken over, and the capital had been bombarded, causing havoc throughout the nation.

Sudan has suffered tremendously as a result of the war. The economy has been scraped clean of money, citizens have been left to starve, people have been plundered, and children have been abandoned on streets and building structures fallen to the ground.

“Fighting in Sudan has resulted in tens of thousands of people fleeing and threatens to unleash a widespread humanitarian crisis across the region.” said United Nations Sudan, on Twitter. 

There is no peace in this. There is no joy in the conflict. The conflict brings no wealth. It causes people to go hungry and starve. It steals people’s genius. It dulls the artist’s senses. It is past time for Sudan to end the war and negotiate peace accords.

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