Japan and European Union reject the US proposal for an export ban on Russia

Japan and European Union had refused the proposal of the export ban on Russia; saying it is not feasible The Group of Seven (G7) is considering a plan to impose a total export embargo on Russia to show solidarity with Ukraine, which Russia invaded 15 months ago. However, Japan and the European Union are said … Read more

Climate change affects Environment

Latest IPCC climate report warns that rising greenhouse-gas emissions could soon outstrip the ability of many communities to adapt. According to you what are the effects of climate change? The climate crisis is affecting everyone, mainly the children are facing more difficulties despite they are not responsible for it . Nearly 1 billion children across … Read more

 Taliban killed the Mastermind of 2021 Kabul Airport Bombing

A Taliban fighter stands guard on August 27, 2021, at the site of the August 26, 2021

Taliban killed the Islamic State militant who planned the suicide attack in August 2021 The Islamic State militant who planned the suicide attack in August 2021 at the Kabul airport, which killed 13 American service members and about 170 Afghans, was killed by the Taliban in a ground operation. At first, neither the U.S. nor … Read more

Operation Kaveri, a bold effort by India to rescue its citizens from warring Sudan

Thousands of residents from several nations are attempting to leave Khartoum, following the armed conflict between the army and the parliamentary forces of Sudan. The city was at peace until the two sides’ battle erupted on April 15 when the parliamentary Rapid Support Force (RSF) launched an unexpected attack on numerous Sudanese Army facilities throughout … Read more