Operation Kaveri, a bold effort by India to rescue its citizens from warring Sudan

Thousands of residents from several nations are attempting to leave Khartoum, following the armed conflict between the army and the parliamentary forces of Sudan. The city was at peace until the two sides’ battle erupted on April 15 when the parliamentary Rapid Support Force (RSF) launched an unexpected attack on numerous Sudanese Army facilities throughout the nation. Since then, the major government buildings have been taken over, and the capital had been bombarded, causing havoc throughout the nation.

The advent of violence has prompted other countries to keep an eye on the situation in Sudan and prepare to evacuate and deport their citizens. However, the evacuation efforts of various foreign countries were impeded by the RSF attack on Khartoum Airport. Due to this, many people had to be evacuated by road via Port Sudan on the Red Sea, from which point they were either flown or transported by ferry either back to their nations or to a third one. With much difficulty, nations like France, Germany, Italy, and Spain were able to withdraw their citizens by planes.

Additionally, the US and UK were also successful in using helicopters to airlift ambassadors and their families on Sunday through “fast and clean” and “complex and rapid” operations, respectively.

Further, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that they have remained in constant contact with US citizens and government officials for the past 36 hours since the embassy evacuation operation was finished to offer support and open up exit routes for those looking to travel to safety by land, air, or sea.

Apart from this, countries like South Korea and Japan also continue to evacuate their citizens through joint efforts, as the South Korean military aircraft had evacuated 28 of its citizens along with specified numbers of Japanese nationals.

With Operation Kaveri, India now intends to repatriate its citizens, the Ministry of External Affairs S. Jaishankar declared on Monday.

 “Operation Kaveri gets underway to bring back our citizens stranded in Sudan. About 500 Indians have reached Port Sudan. More on their way. Our ships and aircraft are set to bring them back home. Committed to assisting all our brethren in Sudan,” said the minister in a tweet.

In addition, when hostilities broke out between the two sides, many foreigners—including Indians—were forced to seek safety in neighboring hotels to avoid suffering casualties. Due to this, India sent C-130J heavy-lift aircraft to Jeddah and INS Sumedha to Port Said to carry out the necessary operations in Sudan. Further it should also be noted that India, had also with the help of Saudi Arabia’s Military forces was able to airlift a few Indian nationals along with the citizens of several other nations.

The future of Sudan remains uncertain despite the US’s announcement that it will act as a mediator to end the dispute between the Sudanese parties since the effects of the civil war will continue to plague the country for another ten years.

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