Mohmmad Bin Salman is Reshaping Saudi Arabia’s Future

Cultural and economic reforms in Saudi Arabia led by Mohammad Bin Salman has shown a major ideological shift of the country, which is gradual but significant.

Mohammad Bin Salman, the de facto leader of the Islamic world has brought tremendous economic, social, and religious reform since his spectacular rise to power. His Vision 2023 plan reflects the modernization of Saudi Arabia. He is known for his ambitious plans and also as a leader for change. Saudi Arabia has been an ultraconservative country for a longest time, but now this trajectory seems changing.

Last year Saudi Arabia organized a four-day electronic music festival where men and women both were dancing together. That rave party event was financially sponsored by the royal family of the Saudi House. Many artists across the world attended the event, like Martin Garrix, David Guetta, and Afrojack. David Guetta world leading DJ said it was a very historical moment for the people of Saudi Arabia. And that event was evidence of evolving Saudi Arabia where people did not face any religious restrictions, and where women were enjoying their fullest freedom.

The role of religion in common affairs has been limited throughout time by the kingdom. Some years ago women could not able to drive alone in the kingdom but now women can drive freely without any restriction. The religious police of the kingdom as arbiters of morality used to interfere in every facet of public life a few years ago but in 2018 MBS decided to defang religious police(Mutawa). And this decision has brought so much relief to the people of Saudi Arabia.

Kingdom’s orthodox image is changing and it is a huge progression. They are giving more rights to women as they allowed women to undertake the Hajj without male guardians, allowing them to take part in sports and various other arenas. Under MBS’s reign, the government brought tourism-friendly policies and reopened the cinema. Several events have been organized by the kingdom throughout time like the Red Sea International Film Festival, operas, professional wrestling, etc. and all these events represent the modernized picture of Saudi Arabia.

Women’s and queer communities are getting awards and recognition. On the other front, the country is now diverging its economy beyond oil. Dues to growing resentment over using of fossil fuels due to environmental reasons, the future of oil is looking unstable and blurry. And for that reason, the kingdom wants to reduce its dependence on oil by diversifying its options. For instance, they are moving toward sports, tourism, and other industries to make themselves safe from the shock of any futuristic disaster like Covid-19.

What led to these reforms in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s plan to become a vibrant society and economy is the foremost reason behind these continuous reforms. Vision 2030 of Saudi Arabia has been at the center of these reforms which will help the kingdom to become a more competitive country and also help in diversification. In a bid to become a modern-liberal country, Saudi Arabia has decided to bring reforms.

After the killing of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi allegedly by the Saudi regime has prompted criticism against the kingdom across the world and that was a big blow for Saudi Arabia. So, by giving emphasis to women’s rights and organizing events they want to compensate for their previous wrongdoing. Due to the growing uncertainty of oil and other fossil fuel usage amid the increasing use of green energy kingdom has decided to decrease its exclusive dependence on oil.

Guardian of two holy sites of Islam, Saudi Arabia has global ambition and to fulfill this ambition, reforms like these are necessary or we can say need of the hour.

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