Massive Protests Expected in Miami as Trump’s Arraignment Looms

According to the Washington Post, there will be multiple pro-Trump demonstrations in Miami on Tuesday

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Donald Trump’s plane touched down in Miami on Monday, a day ahead of his court appearance regarding charges of alleged mishandling of national secret documents. His motorcade made its way to a nearby club Trump National Doral, owned by Trump, where he plans to stay overnight. Before departing from New Jersey Monday morning, Trump wrote on his Truth Social mobile app, “I HOPE THE ENTIRE COUNTRY IS WATCHING WHAT THE RADICAL LEFT ARE DOING TO AMERICA.”

Happening now – Trump National Doral – Folks have come out to support AMERICA and Trump! #doral #miami #florida #trump— Oreo Express Normal/Not Mentally Ill (@OreoExpress) June 12, 2023

“We Love Trump! WE love Trump!” Supporters gathered outside Trump National Doral in Miami awaiting arrival of former president, who is scheduled to be arrested tomorrow.

— Oliya Scootercaster 🛴 (@ScooterCasterNY) June 12, 2023

While entering his golf club in Miami, Trump was greeted by a crowd of his supporters to whom the former president asked, “How are you all doing? Everyone OK?”

Pro-Trump supporters to hold rally 

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According to the Washington Post, there will be multiple pro-Trump demonstrations in Miami on Tuesday, one of which is scheduled to take place in front of the federal courthouse. According to The Post, a local chapter of the Proud Boys, a far-right extremist organisation in American mainstream media, is responsible for organising the demonstration, raising concerns about potential for violence and commotion. Trump has urged his followers to demonstrate in a nonviolent manner in order to voice their displeasure.

However, Miami police have increased security measures near the courtroom in advance of Trump’s arraignment. According to Miami Police Chief Manny Morales, his department is prepared to handle any protest or march. ‘We are ready. We’ve handled sizable protests before. This is Miami,” he added, adding that they could manage crowds of between 5,000 and 50,000 people.

He said, “There is no reason to be afraid.”

White House keeping mum on Trump’s indictment

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The second charge against former President Donald Trump, which accuses him of mishandling national defence materials and seeking to hide them from federal agents after leaving office, has been met with silence from White House officials.

White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby and Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre did not address the indictment of Trump during a press conference on Monday.

Jean-Pierre responded, “I’m not going to comment directly to the case, when questioned about the situation. What I can say is that this President respects the rule of law, and you have heard us say this time and time again.

Media demand greater access to the courtroom

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While everything is going on, a coalition of media organisations, including CNN, has asked a federal judge for more access to the upcoming historic indictment against Trump. Although real-time audio/video access and photography are normally prohibited in federal courts (sketchers are used instead), the media organisations contend that exceptions should be allowed in this instance.

Prior to the arraignment, the group is particularly asking the court to permit picture and video access inside the courtroom and the area around it. They are also advocating for the prompt release of audio recordings of the arraignment when it is over.

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