Manhunt underway in aftermath of shocking Texas mass shooting

Manhunt began after Francisco Oropesa, the suspected murderer who killed five people, fled the place.

 After allegedly shooting five people in rural Texas, Francisco Oropesa (38), fled the scene, prompting law police to seek for him.

The attack took place close to Cleveland, Texas, north of Houston, on a street where some locals claim neighbors frequently relax by firing weapons.

However, the tragic incident happened when the accused allegedly took his frustration out on people living in the single-story apartment. Later, when the neighbors went after him asking him to stop firing rounds in his yard, it is said that he pretended to own the property. There were no suspicions about the shooter initially as the neighbors thought it to be a casual shooting exercise, that most of them would do on weekends. 

On Friday, all of the victims were Hondurans ranging in age from eight to 31. According to the sources, they were shot in the neck. Sonia Argentina Guzman (25), Diana Velazquez Alvarado (21), Julisa Molina Rivera (31), Jose Jonathan Casarez (18), and Daniel Enrique Laso (8) were among the identified victims.

The man accused is identified as a Mexican citizen through the identity card that is issued by the Mexican government for citizens residing outside the country. 

The officials probing the case have now expanded their search to 32 kilometers from the crime location. After nearly two days of hunting for the criminal who fled on foot, authorities are still unable to locate the shooter’s hiding location. 

 Furthermore, the manhunt for the accused 38-year-old suspect has intensified as a result of the FBI’s involvement in the case. Nearly 200 officers involved in the investigation have now gone door to door looking for clues about the suspect’s whereabouts. 

“There are over 250 law enforcement officers from over a dozen agencies actively searching for Oropesa.FBI Houston and other local, state, & federal agencies will not stop assisting SJSO until he is captured and justice is brought on behalf of the 5 victims,” said FBI Houston in a tweet. 

( Source: Twitter ) 

Replying to the tweet by the FBI, some citizens have shared their worries over the uncaptured criminal. One Twitter handler said, “I hope they find him soon.” 

Some other people have also come to suggest to the FBI the direction in which they should have taken their move in capturing the criminal.

“ I already mentioned this earlier but Livingston Texas there’s so many little farms out there. He probably has family or friends there. He went north because he knew you would look south. He’s gonna be off 59 somewhere between Kilgore and Livingston Texas. He’s probably trying to get to I-20 there’s a TA Express Travel Center off i-20 in Kilgore that usually has many from mexico that need work or ride waiting in the restaurant or around outside at night. (This is only my opinion no facts just hunch) He’s gonna be moving at night.” said another Twitter handler. 

Following the response, the FBI and the local police authorities are now offering a sum of $80000 to people who would come to offer information about the hiding place of the killer.

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