Major Geopolitical Shift in West Asia

In March this year, Saudi Arabia and Iran decided to re-establish their diplomatic ties, many Arab countries have recognized Israel and holding talks with the country and most recently after decades of isolation, Syria re-joins the Arab League. All these developments show that West Asia is moving away from wars and conflicts and looking toward regional stability.

After decades of soured relations, conflicts, wars, and instability West Asia is now bracing for regional peace, political security, and economic stability. For the longest time, the region has been in chaos as it’s famously known as the most volatile region due to never-ending proxy wars, ideological wars, and some other reasons.

But growing fatigue over these conflicts and the intention of stability and development in the region has forced West Asian countries to rethink their ties. The latest move by Arab League member states to reinstate Syria’s membership after 12 long years. The meeting of the foreign minister of the member states was held on May 7 in Cairo, Egypt.

Syria was ousted from Arab League in 2011 after its brutal crackdown on democracy which led to the civil war in the country. The continuous thaw in the relationship between Damascus and other Arab countries now seems to end as many Arab nations decided to reopen talks with Syria. In March, Syria President Bashar-al-Assad visited UAE in a bid to increase cooperation to bring stability and progress to Syria.

In February Syrian President also visited Oman where the leader of both countries discussed bilateral relations and improving ties. Last month Syrian foreign minister visited Saudi Arabia after 10 years. This visit followed the deal between Saudi Arabia and Syria to re-establish diplomatic ties and reopen embassies.

In March this year, China brokered talk between Iran and Saudi Arabia which led to the re-establishment of diplomatic ties between both countries. And this was one of the very significant developments in the region because earlier both countries used to be known as arch rivals of each other. But resettling of their ties paved the way for regional stability and political security.

Last month Saudi diplomats visited Yamen to meet Iran-backed Houthi rebels in a bid to end the prolonged Yamen war. The talks between Houthis and Saudi diplomat was mediated by Oman. The peace talks have gained momentum after the re-establishment of Iran-Saudi ties.

Several Arab countries have decided to hold talks with Israel to reconcile the relationship. Abraham Accord, which was signed in 2020 between Israel and four Arab countries was one of the very important steps in this direction. Last year Israel signed a free trade deal with the United Arab Emirates in the direction of improving ties.

So, all these developments have been gradually happening in West Asia, but these are very important developments. West Asia is slowly leaving behind conflicts and wars and moving toward peace and prosperity. The influence of America in the region has also started waning slowly and this very trend has given chance to China and Russia to increase their presence and strengthen their foothold in west Asia.

Reasons, that led to this shift West Asia-

The effort of Mohammad Bin Salman to unite the Arab world together in a bid to make West Asia the global power center will be able to put its agenda and interest on the world stage. This objective is one of the core reasons for this shift in West Asia. The United Arab Block could help them to promote their identity and ideology and it could also help to reverse Western sanctions.

Peace and stability are some other important reasons for this growing shift. As West Asian countries felt the need to bring stability, prosperity, and security to the region, they decided to hold talks with each other and started establishing ties with each other. They want that political security and economic stability should prevail in the region which will ultimately help the peoples of West Asia in their growth and development.

For the longest time, the people of West Asia have suffered a lot of misery and cries, but this shift will bring relief for them and also give hope for the betterment of their condition. The road from being a volatile reason to becoming a stable and prosperous one is not easy but the mutual efforts by all the West Asian nations will make this possible.

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