Lukashenko’s Absence at Key Event Fuels Health Speculation

Concerns grew further when Lukashenko departed from Russia shortly after attending the Victory Day parade in Moscow

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Speculation surrounding the health of Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has surged following his absence from the country’s significant national celebration. The event, known as National Flag, Emblem, and Anthem Day, typically includes a speech from Lukashenko. However, on Sunday, Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko read a message on his behalf, sparking rumours about the president’s well-being.

Concerns grew further when Lukashenko departed from Russia shortly after attending the Victory Day parade in Moscow. Notably, he chose to forgo a scheduled lunch with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Reports from various media outlets suggest that during his visit to Russia, Lukashenko appeared visibly fatigued and had his right hand wrapped in a bandage.

These developments have fuelled speculation and raised questions about the state of Lukashenko’s health, prompting observers to closely monitor any updates or official statements regarding his condition.

President Alexander Lukashenko made his most recent public appearance in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, during the country’s own Victory Day celebrations on May 9. Shortly after returning from Moscow, he participated in a ceremony where he laid flowers to commemorate the occasion. This event marked his presence just a few hours after his arrival in Belarus from the Russian capital.

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The timing of Lukashenko’s participation in the ceremony, following his visit to Moscow and the Victory Day parade there, drew attention from observers. It was a notable public appearance amid ongoing speculation about his health, prompting further interest and scrutiny. As concerns and rumours continue to circulate, the president’s activities and public engagements gain significance, with people eagerly awaiting updates on his well-being.

Adding to the discussion, the Russian online publication Podyom quoted Konstantin Zatulin, a senior member of the lower house of parliament, the Duma, who suggested that Lukashenko may have fallen ill and might be in need of rest.

These statements and reports have contributed to the ongoing speculation and discussions surrounding Lukashenko’s health. As observers eagerly await official statements or updates on the president’s condition, the situation remains shrouded in uncertainty, fueling further interest and scrutiny.

During the annual ceremony in Belarus where young individuals pledge loyalty to the country’s flag, Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko conveyed a message from President Alexander Lukashenko, as reported by state news agency BelTA. The agency did not explain the president’s absence, and Lukashenko’s office chose not to offer any comments on the matter.

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Meanwhile, confirming the information regarding Lukashenko’s illness, a prominent figure in the Russian parliament informed a news outlet that the president is indeed unwell. However, it was clarified that his illness is not related to COVID-19.

As speculation continues to swirl around Lukashenko’s health condition, the absence of official statements or detailed updates has only heightened curiosity and raised further questions. The public eagerly awaits other developments and clarity regarding the president’s well-being.

Alexander Lukashenko, aged 68, has maintained his position as the leader of Belarus since 1994, earning him the moniker of “the last dictator of Europe.” Throughout his tenure, his regime has actively suppressed dissent and opposition.

In the controversial presidential elections held in 2020, Lukashenko was declared the winner. However, the opposition strongly condemned the results, viewing them as fraudulent and lacking credibility.

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The announcement of his victory triggered widespread protests across Belarus, with citizens expressing their dissatisfaction with the election outcome. In response, the state authorities initiated a harsh crackdown to quell the demonstrations, employing force and repression.

Lukashenko managed to sustain his hold on power, largely due to substantial backing from Russia. In return, he provided support to Russia, even endorsing and offering Belarus as a launching pad for the invasion of Ukraine. Russian warplanes were allowed to conduct strikes from Belarus.

In the midst of these developments, Belarusian Foreign Minister Sergei Aleinik is set to embark on a three-day visit to Moscow, as confirmed by Russia’s foreign ministry last week. This visit holds significance in the context of the ongoing geopolitical dynamics involving Belarus and its relationship with Russia.

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