Let’s foster our ocean:Happy ocean day 2023

“The ocean is our lifeblood”
Think of a scenario where our body goes out of the blood, you will not be able to survive, right? Similarly, our planet’s blood is our ocean which keeps our planet alive even after fighting global warming and pollution.

The ocean is one of the most integral parts of the planet. The ocean has been facing raging threats like over fishing, pollution and climatic change


The big, beautiful blue water in the ocean is all connected to our life having the smallest to biggest impact.

The global problem “Plastic Pollution” has been on the increase since then. A tremendous amount of plastic is being thrown into the ocean thus disturbing the environment completely.

Plastic pollution causes huge damage to marine ecosystems and disrupts the food chain.
Marine animals can mistake the plastic for food and ingest it, possibly leading them to indigestion that makes them drown or end their life

There has been an increase in the number of eaters of seafood, and to meet the supply there has been overfishing which is very injurious to the health of the ocean. As the Intake of fish increases it will lead to a decline in species and other species being overpopulated. That causes an imbalance in the ecosystem and food chain leading to devastating changes in the environment, which is neither good for our health nor the ocean.
Global warming and pollution have led to the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which has caused the planet to warm up and result in climate change. This has caused a variety of problems such as rising sea levels, more frequent and severe weather events, and changes in ecosystems and wildlife habitats.

Apart from these threats, one of the worrisome problems that arising is Ocean acidification which arises when the ocean absorbs Carbon dioxide from the environment causing water to acidic, which makes it harder the form shells and skeletons and leading their infertility, and a decline in the number of species in the ocean.

Taking over sustainable methods and spreading awareness among people about the ripping effect can save the environment and us.

All these varying problems, all together have led to the bad health of oceans.
Keeping this in Mind the UN chose 8 June as world ocean day, so that people all around the world came to know the problems that our environment is facing and least start taking small steps to preserve it.

Every Effort matters and counts!

Remember we all together can do this!

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