Let’s embrace every part and eradicate the abuse : World Elder abuse awareness day 2023

Remember the time when in your old life,childhood when you were a 5-year kid who was playing with your Parents, asking your parents the same question again and again out of curiosity and Innocence

But as the time passed, you grew up. Now you are expected to take care of your parents with the same love, affection and patience as your parents did when you were small.

However, the mindset, attitude, and approach of today’s generation have changed.
Instead of respecting their elder parents with love, honor, and affection, they are treated as burdens upon their shoulders and are physically and mentally abused .

To bring awareness about this issue that is almost prevalent in every country, the UN announced 15 June
as elder abuse awareness day.

In the context of last year’s commemoration of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, the world health organization in partnership with the Department of Economics and Social Affairs, Office of the United Nations High Commission of Human Rights, United Nations Population Fund, UN WOMEN
With the support from an International network for the prevention of elder Abuse.

This year, this commemoration will provide an update on the implementation of the priorities. Tackling abuse of older: five priorities for the Prevention of UN Decade of Healthy Ageing 2021- 2030.

According to the survey, In India, Almost 60% of senior citizens say that elder abuse is prevalent on a large scale, and 10% have admitted they have been a victim by themselves.

Well, when we talk of India, there are so many relevant cases that are inevitably seen in society. India is always well known for its morals, beliefs and culture , values
And what it is now doing? They are same the parents which took care of you in ups,downs but abandoning them,abusing them seems right ?

It’s high time that we stop this abuse of our elderly parents They are the ones who taught us how to walk how to speak, and how to write!
It’s our moral duty to respect honor in our life.

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