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Ever had your house locked after a night of heavy drinking or partying? Or perhaps you just forgot your keys in that other bag, which you use very infrequently. Since we’ve been there and done that. Keep calm and call these rescuers if you, like us, have frequently found yourself trapped outside the door having mild panic episodes. Make a note of these Mumbai 24-hour locksmiths right immediately!

Andheri East’s SS Key Maker

Sheikh, also known as SS Key Maker, operates out of Andheri East and serves all of Mumbai every day of the week. In his own words, Sheikh will help anyone in need “from Churchgate to Dahisar”—no matter the hour. He is exactly the kind of hero we need and need. Simply call him and describe the scenario so that he can prepare the necessary equipment and tools.

Price for opening the door: INR 600 and above

Call: (982) 174 5146

Pro-Tip: Keep in mind that the prices increase the farther you are from Andheri East.

Keymaker Taj – Mulund West Taj Key Maker

This Mulund-based locksmith provides his 24-hour service throughout Mumbai. He will be present to change a lock or make a duplicate key during odd or even hours. His morning rates are lower than the night rates, so keep in mind that the night rates might increase.

Price: INR 250 and above

Call 9152225364.

Keymaker Vicky – Bandra Vicky Key Maker

Vicky operates from his Bandra West store. We are not at all shocked when he says that his services are frequently needed after midnight. Because of his location in Bandra, he will only provide services to residents in that area around the clock.

Price: INR 450 and above (based on the type of job)

Phone: 9152487942

Javed Master Key – Key makers Javed Khan

Javed is actually the key master, as implied by the name of his small business, which is located at Pali Hill in Bandra West. We’ve been told that he does provide his services around the clock, even though the business is typically open from 10 AM to 10 PM. As and when you need him, he will come to your aid.

He claims, however, that he only works from Dadar to Bandra. Javed is therefore available if you’ve lost your prized key or are locked out. Inform him about the problem over the phone so that he may arrive prepared with the necessary equipment.

Price: His services typically cost INR 350, but you should expect to pay INR 50 or more for a normal key duplicate.

Phone Number: 9820683540

Keymaker Orlem – Malad Orlem Key Maker

Orlem is a convenient key maker for Malad residents and exclusively provides services there 24 hours a day. He might accept the offer if there’s a morning issue around Malad, but we’ve been told his services are just for Malad. Key duplication and lock change/reinstallation are among the services offered; prices vary according on the scope and complexity of the job.

Price: INR 500 and above (based on the type/amount of the job)

Telephone: 02238515424

There are many key shops near you. Here are a few of the most popular:

  • Ace Hardware: This nationwide chain has several locations in the area. They offer a variety of key-cutting services, including standard keys, car keys, and house keys.
  • Home Depot: Another nationwide chain, Home Depot also offers key-cutting services. They have a wider selection of key blanks than Ace Hardware, but their prices may be higher.
  • locksmith: If you need a key made quickly, you may want to consider going to a locksmith. Locksmiths typically charge more than hardware stores, but they can make keys on the spot.

When choosing a key shop, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • Price: Key prices can vary depending on the type of key and the shop you go to.
  • Location: Make sure the shop is convenient for you to get to.
  • Hours of operation: Some shops are only open during certain hours, so make sure they are open when you need them to be.
  • Customer service: Get recommendations from friends or family members, or read online reviews to find a shop with good customer service.

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