Jury Finds Trump Liable, Slaps Him with $5 Million Fine in Jean Carroll Case

Jury holds the former president accountable in the sexual assault and defamation case. However, it is taken as sexual abuse rather than a rape accusation.

Manhattan jury found former President Donald Trump responsible for an alleged sexual assault and defamation lawsuit.

The victim has been awarded $5 million in monetary damages by the court. Due to the risk of threats from Trump supporters, the jury members rendered the verdict anonymously under Judge Kaplan’s directions.

Trump, who had previously faced dozens of accusations of sexual assault, has now been found guilty of the charges against him in this case. E. Jean Carroll, author, journalist, and columnist accused Trump of raping her in a departmental store around the mid-1990s. 

She describes her encounter with him. Trump approached her when she was shopping at a department store and struck up a conversation with her. According to Ms. Carroll, he had requested her to assist him in selecting a gift for a woman. Mr.Trump is believed to have afterward escorted Carroll to the lingerie section, where the rape is said to have occurred.

“It was a horrible feeling. He put his hand inside me and curled his finger. As I sit here today, I can still feel it.” she recounted painfully. 

Trump, famously known for his controversial statements against women, has denied all the claims pinned on him. 

The then-president in his defense, denies meeting Ms.Carroll at all. 

“I have absolutely no idea who this woman is. This verdict is a Disgrace – A continuation of the greatest witch hunt of all time!” said Trump, on a social media platform. 

Further, he also added, “She is trying to sell a new book – that should indicate her motivation,” the then-president said, adding that her book “should be sold in the fiction section”.

The rants of the former president were pushed back by the victim, as she shared a picture with Donald Trump, Ivana Trump, and John Johnson, her then-husband at an NBC party in 1987. 

(Source: Twitter) 

The verdict by the NewYork Jury is now said to pose a threat to Trump’s Presidential election campaigns for 2024. 

Not being present in the court during the trial, posting vulgar comments about Ms.Carroll, saying she is ‘not his type’, posing an invisible threat to Jury, calling the judgment unfair while not attempting to speak in the courtroom, making heroic, well misogynist comments on #MeToo movement and calling the victims the witches, Donald Trump still remains to be undoubtedly the most controversial former president of United States of America. 

He was however not arrested in this case as the case is civil, not criminal. 

Regardless of the decision, the court disagrees with Ms. Carroll’s declaration regarding the rape claims. This is because, in the case of Trump and Carroll, both of them (including Carroll) were alleged to be flirting with each other during their meeting at the department shop.

“He was having a good time, and so was I,” said Jean Carroll. 

Because of this, the court opted to label the case as a sexual abuse case rather than a rape prosecution. Carroll was thus granted the prescribed sum of dollars as compensation based on the consideration for the defamation.

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