iPad Pro M2: An Over-Priced Overkill?

“reviewing the market’s BE(a)ST

Today, we’re looking at iPad Pro M2. Released on 26th October 2022, it is the most powerful handheld device in the market as of now. Launched 18 months after its predecessor, this got a lot of attention compared to any other “Pro” launch.

The key focus of Buzz is ‘How APPLE is not doing anything and just keeps on selling their overpriced products year after year.’

Let’s dive deeper and understand what went wrong this time, also is Apple fooling their consumers?


For specifications and in-depth data on hardware and software, kindly refer to the official Apple website or by clicking here.


  • Liquid Retina Display (XDR on 12.9’)- Provides excellent multimedia experience with vibrant colours, a high level of clarity & details and an enjoyable viewing experience.
  • The ‘M2’ Chipset– A better-performing chip in all aspects wrt M1, for seamless user experience. A massive 15% and 40% performance boost in CPU & GPU respectively.
  • Listen Loud n Clear– With booming quad speakers, punchy bass and clear sound add up to a multimedia experience.
  • Pencil Hover– This feature is highly appreciated by digital artists as it improves the accessibility and usability of certain apps. It also adds up to the overall experience and you know what you’re about to tap on.

Features like wide & ultra-wide lens setup, Li-Dar scanner, Siri and others aren’t new to the list. They are more like pre-requisite to the ‘Pro’ category, we haven’t witnessed any innovation in these from the past 2 generations.

M2 chipset has also clocked up the memory bandwidth by 2x compared to the M1 iPad Pro.

It comes with a decent battery life of 7 hours (high usage), and 9+ hours (medium usage) with an adapter and cable inside the box (thankfully).


I’ve been using the latest iPad Pro since its launch, and as far as my experience is considered- “it’s bang on.”

No lags, no glitches, quick response, improved connectivity and without using any more technical terms- everything works great. This is my first Apple experience, so I can’t compare it to my past experiences.

Read further to know the parts which aren’t nailed by Apple…


PROs & CONs:

Except for M2 and Pencil Hover, there’s nothing new to the Pro series but let’s get to the part where expectations were high but nothing happened:

  • Pay more for Fancy Display: The Liquid Retina XDR Display only comes with the 12.9-inch model. The problem here is that the consumer has to compromise with a less fancier display even after spending $799+ on the 11-inch model.
  • Slow Charging: With advancements in the charging sphere, Apple products are lagging.

-charging cable comes braided, which is a big up

  • Awkward Image Outputs: Image outputs from the front-facing camera are not up to the mark. Users reported images with unnecessary grainy images even though the preview is perfectly fine.
  • No Design Upgrade: The designs of the PROs haven’t been upgraded and it’s the same classic one. It is argued that this is perfect for the major segment but at the same time, consumers are also in support of hardware upgrades.
  • Stage Manager needs work: This feature adds up to the productivity and makes working on different applications at a time a lot easier.  But one of Apple’s is not something that does it and is trickier too.
  • Expensive Accessories: Let us discuss the price over here>>
  • Apple Pencil: ₹11,900
  • Apple Case: ₹
  • Apple Folio Keyboard: ₹17,900
  • Apple Magic Keyboard: ₹29,900


  • iPad PRO  (M2, 11-inch)

> Wi-Fi only: from ₹81,900- ₹1,91,900

> Cellular: from ₹96,900- ₹2,06,900

  • iPad PRO  (M2, 12.9 inch)

>  Wi-Fi only: from ₹1,12,900- ₹2,22,900

> Cellular: from ₹1,27,900- ₹2,37,900

Honestly, in terms of value for money; the decision to buy an Apple product or not narrows to the user. Factors like usage, requirements, type of work, and others have to be kept in mind while making such a purchase.

One should never buy a product/service only because of its market goodwill and buzz.

iPads are great for those who require a power-packed device on the go, those who are related to the field of graphic design or editing or even a college student who wants a handy note-taking device.



Concluding, the Apple market is divided into ‘Need to Have’ and ‘Nice to Have’. The latter has more number of individuals comparatively. That is why it all comes down to you, what is that you need that Apple offers and others don’t, and if that’s the case then is it worth the extra pennies?


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