India lends a hand to the Pacific islands

India pledges support 14 Pacific islands concerning health problems, energy, and security issues

Fighting over China’s influence over this Pacific island, India vows its support to the Pacific islands.
A meeting for discussion for solving the problem was held at Port Moresby, the Capital of Papua, New Guinea.

Indian PM Narendra Modi marked his presence at the third summit of the forum for India’s Pacific Islands cooperation where he fairly discussed about action plan composing
their direction towards the problems.
Indian PM Narendra Modi shared the stage with PM James Marape and talked about the action plan


The challenges that were in unanimously a point of discussion were health-related issues, food, shelter, climate preservation ion, and energy shortage problems. But they also talked about the emerging problems that are now nearly faced globally -supply chains of food, fertilizer and pharmaceutical

Indian PM Narendra Modi becomes the first PM in the history of India to travel to Papua New Guinea.

Giving an insurance, PM Narendra Modi said “Those whom we trust , they turnout out not be on our side at that time.” During the challenging time , an old saying has proven true :” A friend in need is a friend is a friend indeed “

Adding further to it , he says “Whether it’s humanitarian
Or your development , you can count India as reliable partner. Our outlook on this is based on human values”

Action to be taken in Summit

Giving the insight about the action plan – they be establishing Radio Access Network (RAN) in Palau.
They will also be enhancing their tie up with pacific island .
The discussion about were taken by US, Japan , Australia and India as part of QUAD

At the closing remarks in summit , PM shared his gratitude for his presence

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