Imran Khan accuses Army of plotting his arrest for 10 years

After the dramatic arrest of the ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan from the Islamabad High Court by almost 100 paramilitary forces in a land corruption case and was put into police custody, he was finally released by the high court on grant of bail.

Imran Khan
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Pakistan is going through turbulent times both politically and economically. The escalating upheavals in the country’s politics have caused more pain to an already financially-wretched country.

 With limited foreign reserves, dwindling value of country’s currency with respect to dollars and IMF delayed grant of loan, the country as well as its population has been going through the harshest times of the decade.

With the continuing political drama related to its ex-PM, the country has been losing more. 

The escalating political drama

Imran Khan who has been in feud with the country’s military in recents years, which became apparent after a no-confidence motion against his ruling government and him becoming the first ever Pakistani PM to get ousted through a no-confidence vote. 

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Private security personnel clear the way for a vehicle carrying Imran Khan arriving for his court appearance in Islamabad.

Imran Khan since losing his post has been at evident logger-heads with the country’s army who had ruled the country directly for decades and is still indirectly much involved in the country’s politics.

Imran Khan has been clearly attacking the army, blaming it for its involvement in his ouster from the PM post and also accusing it of influencing the political turbulence in the country.

After his arrest last week in an abrupt manner from the premises of Islamabad high court where Khan appeared to face separate charges for corruption. He was taken into police custody after the military forces arrested him on a land corruption charge, which the ex-PM termed as “his abduction on incorrect charges”.

The arrest of Imran Khan caused havoc around the country, causing major clashes between Khan’s supporters and the police or army. For the first time in Pakistan history, the army headquarters in Rawalpindi was attacked by the enraged protester, breaking barricades and entering its premises.

Imran Khan
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Smoke erupts from objects set on fire by angry supporters of Imran Khan as police fire tear gas to disperse them during a protest in Peshawar

The violent clashes which went on for two days in the country has caused the death of ten civilians reported by the police which has been contested by the Khan’s party as they claim that 40 of its workers have died in police violence.

Supreme Court terming Imran Khan’s arrest as unlawful

The Supreme Court of the country in its judgment on Friday, ordered immediate release of the former Prime Minister in the land corruption charges. SC went on to term the arrest of Khan from the court premises as ‘unlawful’ or ‘illegal’.

The lower Islamabad high court which granted bail release to Khan, also barred any arrest order against the former-PM at least till May 19 in any case registered against him after May 9.

After the Courts’ orders, the current PM of Pakistan, Shehbaz Sharif accused the judiciary of acting like “iron shields” to protect Khan and also argued that the judiciary has been showing double standards.

Imran Khan warns his supporters; claims “London plan is out”

Khan after being released from arrest and getting bail from the lower Islamabad court, tweeted on his social media account where he accused the military of plotting his further arrest to put him in jail for 10 years under sedition charges.

In a series of tweets by the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf chief in the early hours of Monday, he warned his followers and supporters that “ the complete london plan is out”. He accused the army of assuming all the roles of judge, jury and executioner while putting him under illegal arrest and also accused the army that they are now planning to humiliate Khan by putting his wife behind bars.

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He also accused the army of the violence that unleashed in the country during his time in jail and also the loss of lives of his supporters and civilians. He further accused the media of the country of being under control.

In continuation of his tweets, he called on its supporters to not be scared of those in arbitrary rule in the country, referring to the current government and the military, And asserted that he will continue to fight for Haqeeqi Azaadi till the last drop of his blood. 


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