How did the football ball evolve?

Football has become the favorite sport in the world. We know everything about how football is played, what are the rules. But how the ball is made in football and this article is for you.

As humans have evolved in the past, so has the ball used in the World Cup. Football World Cup started in 1930.

image source – kreedOn

A hand stitched leather ball was first used at that time. Then, in the 1934 World Cup, instead of leather, a thick cloth ball was experimented with. Meanwhile, various researches were started. Then, in the 1950 World Cup, the ball fitted with an air valve hit the field. Later, from the 1986 World Cup, a fully synthetic ball began to be used. As the technique changed during this evolutionary phase of the ball, the name of the ball also changed from time to time.

That is why it is in order to take a look at the various types and names of balls used in this tournament till date in connection with the ongoing Football World Cup. So if you think about it, it started from 1930. Now the 2022 World Cup was held in Qatar. And each ball would have a special name. The year the ball was made, the country it is in, and the name of the ball would be written on the ball.

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