Global Coalition Strikes Back: G7 Imposes Devastating Sanctions on Russia, Obliterating War Efforts

Global Coalition of seven countries has imposed stringent sanctions on Russia to Quell Escalating War efforts. It aims to weaken the Russian military forces by cutting down all the necessary supplies. 

Following the Russia-Ukraine war, the G7 countries adopted harsh penalties at their summit in Hiroshima to denounce and limit Russia’s military capabilities.

“we, the Leaders of the G7, reaffirmed our commitment to stand together against Russia’s illegal, unjustifiable, and unprovoked war of aggression against Ukraine.”, said the document, released by the White House. 

Furthermore, the G7 countries have extended their sympathies and condolences to Ukraine’s conflict casualties. And they have promised to stand together with Ukraine against Russia. 

“We express our full sympathy and condolences to the Ukrainian people for their loss and suffering. We salute the Ukrainian people for their brave resistance. Our support for Ukraine will not waver. We will not tire in our commitment to mitigate the impact of Russia’s illegal actions on the rest of the world.” , the statement said. 

“We are imposing further sanctions and measures to increase the costs to Russia and those who are supporting its war effort. And we are taking steps to support partners worldwide as they navigate the suffering caused by the Russia’s war, including through humanitarian assistance. We are also building on the success of our efforts to ensure that Russia is no longer able to weaponize the availability of energy against us and against the world.”, the statement added. 

On May 19, 2023, the G7 conference was held in Hiroshima. The annual meeting, held every seven years, strives to give solutions to global problems and their worldwide consequences. The previous G7 conference, held in February 2021, tackled financial challenges as well as help developing countries.

The G7 has vowed to support the war-torn nation of Ukraine because this year and the year before saw the occurrence of conflict between the two nations, Russia and Ukraine. 

This year, the G7 has concentrated on plugging all gaps where Russia has been succeeding. By reducing the nation’s exports to other countries, the goal is to limit the country’s commerce. Additionally, it is done to weaken Russia’s army equipment and stop the country from soon engaging in hostilities.

US on Russia

The US has targeted Putin’s inner circle as well as the banks that provide funding for the Russian government and its armed forces. 70 Russian and other foreign companies access to American markets has been restricted by sanctions that have been imposed.

(Source: Twitter)

European Union’s Sanction on Russia 

The European Union has placed additional sanctions on Russia in response to its condemnation of Russia’s military activities. Companies, banks, and other trade restrictions and travel bans were imposed on Russia.

“As Russia wages war against democracy itself, Europe is united, standing up for Ukraine.

Ukrainians are fighting for democracy and freedom – it is our common fight. We stand by their side for as long as it takes”, said European Commission on Twitter. 

(Source: Twitter)

UK on Import of Diamonds 

Russian diamonds and other metal imports and trading are now subject to UK restrictions. According to Britain, the action was required to undermine Russia’s war effort and advance peace by degrading it. 

Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak on Twitter said, 

Ensuring Ukraine wins is the most important thing we can do for global peace and security. We are banning all imports of Russian diamonds, copper, aluminium and nickel. Sanctions are having a clear impact in degrading Putin’s war effort. The G7 stands united with Ukraine.”

Japan’s Action to Freeze Russian Assets

Japan has also joined the cold battle against Russia. It has imposed sanctions that would possibly freeze the Russian government’s assets and has also imposed travel bans to condemn the act of war. The government of Japan on Twitter, retweeted Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, tweet, to express its support for the cause.  

“In Japan for the G7 Summit.For the victory of Ukraine and the return of peace based on law. For the solidarity we owe to the populations who struggle against poverty. To set an example and support our partners who are committed to the planet” 

Further, Japan’s Prime minister, Fumio Kishida said, that Japan would provide aid to Ukraine by sending 100 military vehicles and 30,000 food kits to Ukraine. 

Despite the sanctions imposed on Russia, G7 leaders think the measures are insufficient. They have also stated that tougher sanctions will only deter the country from going to war with Ukraine. 

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