Game of Time :Forbes list of Billionaire

Value the time ,it is the biggest game

A person who has a net worth of at least one billion units in their native currency is welcomed into the Club of Billionaires. There has been competition, that who would be acing the list

This Evaluation is done by Forbes Media since 1987. It ranks the person according to the net worth of the person, his business and his exhibiting assets and Liabilities.

It gives out a list of billionaires in the world by tracking the real and up and downs of the world’s richest people. With every changing hour, it keeps every player blazed up because of the change in ranking.

The individuals on the list belong to exclusive power and wealth.
With the recent fall of Elon Musk the owner of Tesla , from world richest person , his spot has been taken by Bernard Arnault. With the $44 billion purchase of Twitter, an Increase in the price of electric cars ultimately led to a fall in share prices

1.Bernard Arnault & family

With a whopping net worth of $227.7 billion , bernand takes the crown of world richest man in the world . He is the CEO and chair of LVMUY , the world’s largest luxury brand that includes Louis Vuitton,Marc Jacobs and Sephora

2.Elon Musk

He takes the position of second richest person in the world .He is CEO of Tesla,Boring company and Space Exploration technologies and owning. 79% stakes in Twitter .He has net worth of $193.2 billion

3.Jeff Bezos
He founded the famous Amazon where he founded in a garage in Seattle. He comes down to position 3 Rd on the list with net worth of 142 billion

4.Larry Ellison-
He is the Co founder , chair and CTO of Oracle with more than 42% stake in the company and some equity in Tesla, his net worth comes to be $129.7billion and gather 4 position in the List

5.Bill Gates

Ever famous bill Gates , being the founder of Microsoft and richest person of his time. He holds the 5 position in the list with net worth of $114 billion

6.Warren Buffet

With net worth of $111.6 billion , he gets to 6position in the list .
Being the CEO of BRK, he build his fortune , by being buy-and-hold investor who built his fortune by acquiring undervalued companies

7.Larry page
He embarked his journey by being co-founder and CEO of Google while his net worth comes to $105 billion

8.Steve Ballmer

With the 4% ownership in Microsoft , he gets to be among the first 30 employee of Microsoft .With the net worth of $102 billion, he has held 8 position on the list

9.Sergey Brin
Being a co-founder of Google with Larry page, he become the president of google, later stepping down from the post when Sundar pichai took over .He has net worth of $100 billion and hold 9 position in the list

10.Carlos slim Helu
A Mexican businessman who holds many industries in various filed like health , education , manufacturing etc.His main fortune was from telecom, America Movil. His net worth is 98 billion and gets on 10 position according to Forbes list

The list also include many famous names like Mukesh Ambani, Mark Zuckerbang and many more but the ranking changes with the time.

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