Florida Man’s Heinous Act: Grandmother Slain, Maid Tasked with Cleaning Grisly Scene 

Florida man Michael Corrado has committed an unthinkable act of violence, resulting in the tragic death of his grandmother. Adding to the horror, he had further asked the maid to clean up the mess. 

Anthony Michael Corrado, a 34-year-old Florida man was arrested for the murder and abuse of his grandparents. 

Corrado, who already had a violent history, allegedly murdered his grandmother and mistreated his grandfather by repeatedly striking him on the head. 

After wounding both of them with the death and abuse of one another, he waited for his maid to clean up the mess he intentionally caused. 

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When the maid arrived at the crime scene, he instructed her to clean the bedroom, where his grandmother, lay dead. Further, he had also asked her to switch off the security cameras to escape the murder trial. 

“Corrado told her we need to put the body in the car and take it away from the home,” says the document, recorded after the crime. 

The maid apparently seems to have begged Corrado to notify the cops after seeing the horrible act. Despite her desperate appeals, he refused to comply with her, claiming that he could not be imprisoned again.

“I’ll go back to prison.” said Corrado.  

She then asked Corrado to permit her out of the house, to take the cleaning supplies out of the car. When the permission was granted, she flew out of the place calling for help from the police. 

The cops, after hearing the incident, fled to the crime scene. There they witnessed Corrado, standing beside the automobile, soaked in blood clothes. They arrested the accused and charged him with second-degree murder. 

The grandfather who was still alive,74, wrapped in the blanket was taken to the hospital. And the grandmother, 82, who lay dead was taken out for carrying out the necessary procedures. 

The motive behind the heart-wrenching crime is still a mystery. 

Despite the crime rates decreasing in Florida, the state is still not crime free. People in the state are truly haunted, by incidents like this.

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A similar crime was recorded in Texas, three weeks ago, when a man named Francisco Oropesa shot a family in Texas, with a gun. 

The manhunt is still on and the reason for the crime and motivation for it is still unknown. 

Likewise, a person died and 2 were wounded in the Pompano Beach shooting incident. 

Crimes are increasing and the search has been endless. People are expecting a  better situation and security from the government to prevent these kinds of crimes. 

Also, proper counseling centers and stricter laws for guns and criminals out of their jail periods, are expected in order for a better hope for the future.

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