Erdogan Crushes Kilicdaroglu in Decisive Victory: Communication Failure with the Masses Leads to Stinging Defeat!

Erdogan wins the presidential elections and declares that “the entire nation of 85 million people won,” ridiculing the opposition

Following his victory in the May presidential elections, Recep Tayyip Erdogan becomes Turkey’s 12th president, securing 52.2% of the vote. The proportion obtained is prominently similar to the  2018 presidential polls, in which he secured 52.6% of votes.

The contemporary Dictator, to begin with,  Islamicized the once-secular state, barred women from attending universities and civil service exams, imprisoned opponents, and forced his ideals on people.

Despite the numerous controversies and enhanced corruption records, the Fascist Face of the Nation won the elections. 

Erdogan, therefore, has thanked his nation’s citizens for their support during the elections after claiming his third victory in a row.

“Our nation has used its decision in favor of the Turkish Century.  No one lost on May 28, all 85 million won!”, said the president in a tweet. 

The good intention of the tweet,  however, is the bitter icing on top, as in the name of gratitude, it discreetly attacked the opposition neatly. 

It admonished the opposition leader,  aimed the leader in prison, and mocked the LGBTQ community.  

The opposition leaders took a toll on the election commission and the President, following his attacks upon them. 

“the most unfair election in recent years”, said Kemal Kilicgaroglu, the opposition leader, following his defeat. “ will continue to lead and struggle for democracy”, he further added. 

Kilicdaroglu, also claimed that the president’s political party had used all available resources to fight back against him but that the president had not publicly conceded defeat.

(Source: POLITICO )

Regardless of Kilicdaroglu’s claims, the reports suggest that he was not well equipped and trained to handle the elections as Erdogan. 

Although weakened by famines, refugee cataclysm, economic crises, and human rights issues, Erdogan, the Mr. President, still managed to win the elections largely through his election campaigns and adulterated techniques. 

Kilicdaroglu’s ineffective campaigns, and lack of public engagement,  failed him during the big fight. 

Further, the opposition leader’s ideals were based on engagement with the futuristic society. He failed to put the current problem in the center. 

The failure to centralize the defectiveness of the current party, unclear political statements, vain promises of increment of wages, hiring technicians to provide electricity in villages, and appointment of teachers to improve the literacy rate, lead to his downfall. 

The problem with Kilicdarogo’s method is that it failed to provide answers to the questions of people and answered the questions of unrelated neighbors. 

The last opportunity for a multi-party coalition to significantly alter Turkey’s government in a way that would have improved democracy for the general public and dealt with long-term economic issues has already passed now. 

The results, however, are not shocking because voters preferred recognizable candidates with answers to those with blank ballots. 

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