The Disney Movie Club

The Disney Movie Club is an initiative by the Walt Disney Company to allow fans of movies owned by the media conglomerate the ability to purchase these films in physical Blu-ray or DVD.

Disney has slowly turned from a children’s entertainment company to one of the biggest media conglomerates. Disney owns the animated children’s media creators Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Animation Studio, and Pixar. They also own other media companies like Marvel Studios which made the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, Lucasfilm of Star Wars fame, 20th Century Studios, Searchlight Pictures, National Geographic, ABC News, Vide Media, History TV18, and the Fox Network Group.

Disney entered the streaming market with its Disney+ streaming service in 2019. Disney pulled all the films and shows they owned from other streaming services like Netflix and Hulu in an attempt to make their films only viewable through their service. A move so criticised and disliked by fans that many of them started purchasing DVD and Blu-ray discs of their favourite films from second-hand sellers.

Disney Movie Club was a way to appease these fans after the incident happened. Disney movie club is a service where fans can purchase DVDs and Blu-rays of any film owned by Disney. The first purchase will give members 4 films for just $1, with the commitment to purchase 5 films for the total price within the next 2 years.

Disney allows you to choose DVD or Blu-rays at the first purchase, DVDs will cost members $19.95 whereas Blu-rays will cost $29.95 per disc. The total cost with the minimum number of films being purchased would add up to about $100.75 for DVDs and 150.75 for Blu-rays after factoring in the initial 4 films for a $1 deal.

Every month or so, Disney will send its members their “most anticipated Disney movie” with an optional exclusive lithograph which can be chosen by the member whether they don’t want it or want it but for another movie. The club also provides “big discounts”, with a promise of an ambiguous offer of “even more discounts” once the member buys the additional 5 films they promised to buy.

The club can be joined with almost all major credit card companies or other forms of payment. However, cancelling won’t be as easy as joining. If a member wishes to cancel their club membership, they would have to call a Disney Movie Club cast member between the hours of 9 am and 9 pm, eastern time, from Monday through Friday on their number: 1-800-362-4587. 

Making members call a human person to cancel their membership is a weird choice to make when they could have simply made members cancel through a website. This weird choice is a strategic way to lower the number of cancellations. By making it difficult to cancel their service, people with less time on their hands (people with jobs or busy people in general) will not be able to contact a human on the phone during that time.

Disney Movie Club is a service that is designed for people who want to legally watch multiple Disney films on DVD or Blu-ray discs instead of relying on the Disney+ streaming service. However, if someone wants just a couple of their favourite films on disc, the service is a very expensive way to do that. The initial 4 films for $1 deal sounds great, but they will be paying $101 or $151 depending on what disc player system they own. 

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