Steady Decline of American Dominance on the World Stage

Since the beginning of this decade, American influence on every front has been continuously declining.

“When America sneezes the world catches a cold”. This phrase shows the dominant position of America on the world stage. there has been continuous decline of America. but the relevancy of this phrase has been fading day by day. In June 2022 Pew Research Survey noted that according to 47% of Americans ‘the influence of the United States in the world has been getting weaker in recent years’. For America, this fact of being the de facto leader of the world is not factual anymore.

On various fronts the USA is seeing its decline, whether its economy, diplomacy, military power, geopolitics, etc. Pundits of global affairs in the USA have been cautious about this trend. They’ve noted that a growing superpower like China has been at the forefront of challenging this US dominance. The period After the 2nd world War witnessed the rise of America as the military, economic, and geopolitical superpower.

Its greater stake and influence in the policy-making of the United Nations and various other global organizations have also contributed to this very dominance of America. As the self-proclaimed leader of democracy, America has been continuously sermonizing on human rights, democracy, women’s rights, etc. but the protest in recent years in the US regarding various issues has become evidence of its awful position on the world stage. The idea of “American Decline” has become more popular in recent times. This idea shows that the USA is diminishing in power on various fronts.

Various reason led to this continuous decline of America

Changing power dynamics in West Asia

For the longest time, America has been the dominant player in West Asia. But this trend seems changing now. In March this year, China brokered the deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia that led to the resetting of diplomatic relations between both countries.

China’s growing stakes in the region have slowly sidelined the USA in the volatile region. Russia has also played a significant role in the region. Many West Asian nations are considering Russia as an alternative to the USA for military & arm supply. For a long time, Russia has been one of the very important diplomatic actors in the region.

Unlike America, both China and Russia do not interfere in countries’ internal matters, which led Middle Eastern nations to look for other options. Saudi Arabia and China have been getting closer in recent years, their relationship is continuously evolving and growing beyond oil. Souring relation between America and Saudi Arabia and strengthening ties between China and Saudi Arabia has also contributed to this declining American influence in West Asia.

De-dollarisation –

Brazilian president Lula da Silva criticized the U.S. dollar’s dominance in world trade last month. He called on developing countries to find an alternative to the dollar. In recent years various countries have decided to dump the U.S. dollar. India and Russia have been thinking to establish a Rupee-Rouble mechanism for trade to avoid sanctions. So far Nearly 20 countries have chosen to use their currency in place of the dollar for trading purposes. In this growing spree of de-dollarisation, at least 18 countries have agreed to trade in Rupee.

China and Russia both countries are both At the forefront in making their greatest effort to reduce the dollar dominance. The new Russia-China payment system, bypassing the SWIFT system was one of the very moves in this direction. This de-dollarisation is driven by the motive of insulating the central bank of the countries from any geopolitical damages where the US dollar can be used as an offensive weapon. This de-dollarisation is the very evidence of declining American dominance on the economic front.

Internal matters-

Since the past two-three years, there has been a continuous rise in the incidence of mass shootings. Gun laws in the U.S. are not strict as it is very easy to buy a gun there. About a third of U.S. adults say they own a gun. Rising acts of mass shootings have made people around the world skeptical about governments’ responsibility toward its citizen.

The controversial abortion law which has been passed in 2022 undermined women’s rights to their bodies. For the longest time America has been preaching human rights, but this abysmal situation of women, and common people there has made America’s position worse on various indicators. Apart from these issue police brutality and persistent racism has already undermined America’s image on the world stage.
Despite all these unfavorable trends, America is still a significant player on the world stage. but America must look upon and find a solution to tackle all these very issues.

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