Cyclone Biparjoy is around the corner in the Arabian Sea.

Cyclone Biparjoy developed In the Arabian Sea, which is the first of this season. It is expected to intensify into a severe cyclone in the next few hours as per the Indian Meteorological Department.

Harsh weather and sea conditions are expected to accelerate the wind speed up to 135- 145 kph in the next three to four days period of time


As per Indian Meteorological Department is slowly moving away from coastal areas like Karnataka, Goa, and Maharashtra but they are still expected to have strong winds and rains for some time.

The Indian meteorological department has warned the fisherman of Karnataka, not to venture –

1)Central Arabian Sea till 13 June
2)Adjoining areas of north Arabian Sea during 12-13 June
3) )Adjoining areas of the south Arabian Sea till 7 June

As the cyclone, Biparjoy is moving forward and Intensifying, Kerela is likely to hit monsoon in the next 48 hours.
The condition for the arrival of the Monsoon is all set for Kerala as per IMD.

As per the reports , this cyclone is not good for the monsoon as it will pull out the moisture in Indian Coast along with it.

Cyclone Biparjoy is likely to hit on Pakistan, with a depression lay of about 1,370 km in Karachi as per the reports. It will have an impact on Mumbai which is
Dependent on water reservoirs for its use

If full precautions are taken, will cause minimal problems.

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