Cyclone Biparjoy and Heavy Rains: Warning, Impact and Regional Updates

This article provides an overview of the rainfall situation in India, focusing on different regions recently affected, and the probable effect of these extreme weather conditions


India is currently experiencing heavy rains impacting several regions across the country. The recent arrival of Cyclone Biparjoy has worsened the impact of the rain in certain areas, raising questions about potential floods, disruption, and safety concerns.

Cyclone Biparjoy and Heavy Rains: Impact and Regional Updates

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Heavy Rains in Different Regions

The state of Rajasthan seems to be grappling with extreme rains as Cyclone Biparjoy has been on the move. The cyclone has led to severe rainfall in multiple districts, including Kota, Bhilwara, Churu, and Bharatpur, leading to concerns over the safety and well-being of residents. The state is further expected to witness heavy rainfall for the next ten days, posing a risk of potential flooding and waterlogging in multiple regions.

Seven districts in Odisha have been listed as prone to heavy rains. This has brought the state relief from the previous heatwave but has raised the question of waterlogging and flooding in the areas, and how it will inhabitants of the state. The Odisha state government has been closely monitoring the rains and is ensuring that all necessary protocols are being taken to safeguard the protection of the public.

The Tamil Nadu state capital, Chennai, is witnessing a heavy downpour, causing problems for the city’s residents. Due to the rains being observed, authorities have decided to shut down schools in the districts of Vellore, Tiruvallur, and Ranipet. This decision has been taken to ensure the safety of students and to prevent any possible accidents or inconveniences that could be caused amidst the rains. The local administration is closely monitoring the situation and has advised residents to exercise caution and stay updated with the latest weather information.

Bengaluru, known for its infamous unpredictable rains, has once again lived up to its reputation this year. The city along with its neighbouring districts is currently on high alert due to warnings and forecasts of heavy rainfall. The downpours have had a significant impact on Bengaluru’s infrastructure and its notorious traffic, causing issues in various areas. Authorities are working to restore normalcy and provide necessary assistance to the affected areas.


The heavy rains across multiple states in India, including Rajasthan, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, and Bengaluru, have caused prevalent fear. These extreme weather conditions can lead to flooding, waterlogging, infrastructure damage, and disruption of daily life, and pose risks to public safety. The respective state governments and local administrations are actively monitoring the situation and implementing measures to ensure the safety and well-being of their residents.

It is crucial for citizens to stay informed about the changing weather patterns and follow guidelines issued by authorities to mitigate the impact of heavy rains. Additionally, coordination between government agencies, disaster management authorities, and the public is vital in effectively managing and minimizing the consequences of such extreme weather events.

As the monsoon season continues, it is important to remain vigilant and prepared for any further developments. Regular updates from reliable sources and cooperation with local authorities will play a significant role in ensuring the safety and resilience of communities affected by heavy rains in India.

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