The Cost of War- 8,000 Civilians Killed in The Russia-Ukraine War

Russia’s war on Ukraine has been going on for 440 days now. Over this period, a lot of damage was suffered

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) confirms at least 8,791 civilian deaths, with 14,815 more wounded from the Russia-Ukraine war since February 24, 2022, 221 of the deaths coming just from this last week. The agency makes a note in each update that the actual number of casualties is very likely higher than the ones they have reported. The war has also affected the lives of as many as 354,000 military officials on both sides.

Not just civilian lives, the war has also led to a loss of USD$700 Billion in infrastructure, USD$100 Billion of which was caused within just the first month. This damage counts 74 thousand residential buildings, 2,500 educational institutes, 500 hospitals, 400 cultural structures, 120 religious structures, 114 energy facilities, and 4.5 million communication facilities. A report by the World Bank in March estimates roughly USD$411 Billion would be required for Ukraine to recover from this war.

By far the largest and most immediate effect of this war is the displacement of civilians. 8 million Ukrainians have fled their country in search of refuge in neighbouring countries, while roughly 6 million have left their homes in the conflict area into the safer parts of the country. 

Ukraine also accounts for 35% of Europe’s biodiversity, and this ongoing war has led to environmental damages (i.e. destruction of forests and pollution of air and water) of about USD$54.2 Billion. 

In an investigation by Associated Press, roughly 2 Million Ukrainians were sent to Russia as a form of protection from death in Ukraine. Alleged to be forced transfers into enemy territory, which is considered a war crime, These people, unfortunately, had to leave their homeland and live on with the invaders.

The same investigation by AP also found that Russian officials deported thousands of Ukrainian children into Russia with the goal to raise them as Russians. These deportations were done without their parents/guardians, or their consent. These children are allegedly being told that they were abandoned by their parents, and are later given to a Russian family with citizenship to Russia. 

Wars have always been extremely expensive not just financially. The wars of recent memory in Afghanistan, Iran, Israel-Palestine, Russia-Ukraine, and now Sudan, have all had a terrifying impact on the people at the forefront of this conflict. 

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