Binge-Worthy Brilliance: GHAR WAPSI

“Bhagte waqt speed itni zyada nahi honi chahiye ki, humare apne logon ke chehre dhundhule nazar aane lag jaen.” – Maneesh Bhaiya (Ghar Wapsi, web series, 2022)


Ghar Wapsi season 1 review: Hotstar Specials’ heartwarming family drama series released on July 22, 2022. It beautifully explores the challenges of personal and professional life. Revolving around an individual who is trying to make up a perfect work-life balance. 

Shekhar has returned to his hometown (Indore) after a long time. He got fired from his high-paying job in Bangalore but he keeps it a secret from his family.

Coming back to his hometown after so long marks his journey towards self-discovery & stability in life. He then learns mantras that will help him glide smoothly through tough phases of life.

Will he be able to keep the secret from his family?

Or will he get caught in between the two separate life spheres?



Starring Vishal Vashishtha (Shekhar), Atul Srivastava (Ratan Lal), Vibha Chibber (Madhuvanti), Anushka Kaushik (Suruchi), Saad Bilgrami (Sanju), and other talented artists. The series’ side characters also play a crucial role in overall story development. The characters resonate with real-life relations so well that one can’t leave the series in between.

Side characters; Darshan (friend), Riddhima (lover), Maneesh Bhaiya (mentor) and others portray beautiful relationships of an individual.


The six-episode series follows a person who loses his job in Bangalore and finds inner peace in a competitive world. The series starts with Shekhar, the eldest sibling in the Dwivedi Family, returning home jobless after a 3-month unemployment period. The remaining didn’t have any idea of the same.

Then as the story progresses, the Dwivedi family’s legacy business is revealed – Tours & Travels Agency. The condition was not sustainable due to digitalisation. This makes Shekhar ponder upon the problem and modernize the business. He then starts his journey of exploring a USP for the business while continuing his job search.

Coming to Indore (hometown) after so long, made him realize that the relations among the other family members have not been the same. Suruchi (sister) now doesn’t share things with him as she did earlier. Sanju (brother) was stuck with some gangster stuff but didn’t ask for Shekhar’s help even though he was ready to do so. Madhuvanti (mother) was upset due to his job loss and his unwillingness to marry. Only Ratan Lal (father) is the one to whom he opens up with no filter.

Finally, Shekhar realizes that nothing matters more than internal peace and a sense of being truly happy. The array of incidences paved his way back to the roots (Indore) and made him quit his 9 to 5 jugglery.


I found the following messages being depicted directly/indirectly in the story:

·      Avoid prioritizing your professional life over personal life & mental peace.

·      Always keep some spare time for yourself in the schedule.

·      Align your parent’s views with yours via discussions & mutual agreement.

·      Rejoice in your long-gone relations to avoid the burden of guilt.

·      There’s nothing wrong with settling up in your hometown.

·      Rediscover ways to rejuvenate some old-school businesses.


Directed by Ruchir Arun, and written by Bharat Mishra & Tatsat Pandey, the series is rated 8.8/10 on IMDb. I enjoyed it a lot and I am sure most of you would too. The personas of characters are on point & you will end up finding a character that faces the same hurdles as you.

Although some parts of the series seem a bit off. Like no character development of travel agency’s partner (Mathur Sa’ab) and time outline for Indore. But overall it is a great family show for a family sunday.

The simplicity incorporated with a pinch of humour will illuminate your mind.

The creators made it short and sufficient as it would not make the viewers feel of something missing.

And that’s the beauty of the great cinematic experience to immerse yourselves into.

EMEA Express Rate- 8/10

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