Nikki Haley, America’s presidential candidate, blames India and China for climate change

Nikki Haley’s Western propaganda fails, after backlash from Indians Niki Haley’s tweet on the environment and accountability provoked widespread outrage from Indians and people around the world. Nikki Haley, the daughter of Indian immigrants from Punjab, is one of the presidential candidates running for 2024 elections.  On Monday, she started a Twitter war by saying, … Read more

Unveiling the Achilles’ Heel: Unraveling the Causes Behind Bridge Collapses

Unveiling the causes behind the Bridge Collapse. The collapse in Bihar luckily leaves no casualties. Following the tragedy, the Chief Minister issues a probe against those responsible The under-construction Aguwani-Sultanganj bridge in Bihar fell on Sunday due to shoddy construction.  This is not the first time, the bridges have collapsed. From the month of rain to … Read more

Arab League Chief Commends Erdogan’s Resounding Victory, Igniting Unprecedented Arab-Turkey Alliance

Arab League’s Secretary-General, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, congratulated Erdogan on his election victory. Attempts to strengthen connections between Turkey and Arabs.  The Arab League’s chief Ahmed Aboul Gheit has felicitated Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, on his victory in the 2023 Presidential Elections.  The presidential elections of Turkey took place in the month of May.  Erdogan won the … Read more

Erdogan Crushes Kilicdaroglu in Decisive Victory: Communication Failure with the Masses Leads to Stinging Defeat!

Erdogan wins the presidential elections and declares that “the entire nation of 85 million people won,” ridiculing the opposition Following his victory in the May presidential elections, Recep Tayyip Erdogan becomes Turkey’s 12th president, securing 52.2% of the vote. The proportion obtained is prominently similar to the  2018 presidential polls, in which he secured 52.6% … Read more

Revolutionize your Business with Social Media Marketing: Unleash the Viral Power of Digital Advertising!

Revolutionize your business with social media marketing, using new techniques and strategies.  Do you know that we are in the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0? Yes, you think right.  Now, have you ever considered living without products? Or imagine a world without businesses and sales. A pretty far-fetched thought isn’t it?  In the twenty-first century, … Read more

Unleash the Potent Power of Freelance Digital Marketing: Unlock Your Success with Unbounded Flexibility and Explosive Growth!

Unleash your untapped potential of freelance digital marketing and harness its remarkable power to provide you with the necessary money This is your finest chance if you’re thinking about working part-time to make money!  Currently, obtaining work has proven to be a mentally taxing process. With rising unemployment, no one wants to pay you without … Read more

Foreignerds Inc. Empowers Digital Marketing Landscape with Cutting-Edge AI Integration

Foreignerds Inc. incorporates AI, to maximize customer satisfaction The world has become numb in the clutches of Artificial Intelligence. From ‘Chatgpt what is the day tomorrow’ to ‘Write a 700-word essay about Margret Fuller,’ everything has changed quickly as AI has advanced.  It answers all questions with relatively few mistakes. It solves relationship problems, prepares … Read more

UK Government Imposes Striking Ban on International Students Bringing Families, Sparking Outcry

UK government prohibits international students from bringing their families with them. The step was implemented to restrict the country’s immigration population. The Government of the United Kingdom on Tuesday released a new immigration policy, targeting overseas students enrolled in British Universities.  Briefly stated the new policy limits international students’ ability to bring their families into … Read more

World Health Organization Unleashes Urgent Warning: Devastating and Lethal Virus may surpass  COVID-19 in Severity

World Health Organization held long deliberations during its annual health assembly about a recently found virus that offers a potential hazard larger than Covid-19, exhibiting a higher level of urgency and severe consequences. World Health Organization’s chief, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, warned people worldwide of the possibility of yet new virus, deadlier than Covid 19.  … Read more

Global Coalition Strikes Back: G7 Imposes Devastating Sanctions on Russia, Obliterating War Efforts

Global Coalition of seven countries has imposed stringent sanctions on Russia to Quell Escalating War efforts. It aims to weaken the Russian military forces by cutting down all the necessary supplies.  Following the Russia-Ukraine war, the G7 countries adopted harsh penalties at their summit in Hiroshima to denounce and limit Russia’s military capabilities. “we, the … Read more